Parent News Letter

Learning through Technology

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Having the ability to collaborate to solve problems with others is an important quality in the working world. This is a quality that employers are always looking to find in job applicants everyday. The use of technology to promote teamwork builds communication and collaboration skills that your children will need in the future! This year we will use the following technological tools to help the students learn and develop these qualities.


Skype is a great way to incorporate guest speakers into the classroom and collaborate with other classrooms by video chatting. This provides students the opportunity to experience cross-cultural conversations and as well as communication and collaboration.


Students can communicate and collaborate through discussions in this secure classroom blog. The teacher is able to control the discussions, and students are to incorporate new ideas and contribute to the ideas of other students.


Twitter is a great way for students to be involved in the classroom. Allowing students to live tweet during class will help them grasp a better understanding of what they are learning. They are also able to ask questions and find new information in minutes while using Twitter in the classroom.

How You Can Help!

Please create an email address with your child for them to use for these tools. You will have access to all of these tools in order for you to view your child's progress in class. I look forward to working with your children this year! Thanks so much in advance for your cooperation!

Meet The Teacher

My name is Lindsey Giles, and I cannot wait to meet your kids and encourage them to learn and grow over the next year.