Fred Smith

By: Sean Snelgrove


  • While attending Yale University, he wrote a paper on the importance of overnight delivery. His employees see him as a hero.
  • Smith shows determination, and from a young age loved flight and the idea of FedEx. It’s said he got a “C” on the paper wrote in college, and got crippled as a child for a short time.
  • He shows us to follow our dreams and never give up.
  • His personality led him to great a revolutionary business that has changed the world today.
  • Smith shows the determination I will need to start my own company.
  • Persistence and determination were his most important traits.
  • The fact he has changed the world and makes a $13.3 million salary inspires me.
  • Not all traits apply to every leader; the traits needed depend on who is being led.
  • Diligence, initiative, honesty, guile, and persistence are some of the most important traits a leader can possess.