How to avoid being scammed

By: Juan Lopez

10 ways to avoid fraud

  • Find a sellers physical address and phone number.
  • Don´t wire money to strangers, or to sellers who insist on wire transfers for payment.
  • Check for charges or payments you don´t recognize on your email.
  • Give money to established charities not to ones who spring up overnight.
  • Buy prescription drugs only from licensed U.S. farmacies and ask your doctor about a drug you see online.
  • If someone conttacts you for an investment that is low risk high cost stay way also if they demnad you to send cash immidiately report them at
  • Don´t send money to an unknown seller especially is they don´t have reviews or a special somone you haven´t met.
  • Don´t agree to take a check or wire money especially if they overpay.
  • Don reply if they ask for personal or sensitive information.
  • Don´t play foreign lottery since its illegal and they take your money regardless if they say they´ll send your money back.
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