Exit Activity

Turn in your ticket before you leave class!

The activity itself:

This activity will show students exactly what they need to hand in each day right before they leave class. This activity is designed primarily for elementary and middle school students. Each student must turn in a “ticket” which will serve as their pass to leave class for the day. There will be colored construction paper placed on each table for the students to write their response on. If students are using technological devices that day, there may be an online "ticket" instead of a tangible one.

Breaking it down further:

Teachers should create a prompt or question that only involves a brief amount of time to respond to. A proper time frame for coming up with an answer would be around one to two minutes. The "ticket" should not been seen as a major task.

Examples of prompts/questions:

  • List out three things you learned in class today
  • Write a question you have about today's lecture
  • Name a topic you want to learn about sometime this school year
  • Do you have a suggestion on how today's class could have been improved?
  • Draw a picture illustrating what we learned in class today


The purpose of this activity is not only to keep students engaged but also to provide feedback to the teacher. By requiring students to answer a question about the class lecture, the students must reflect on what they learned and process the content. The activity challenges the student with a question which requires some sort of application of exactly what was learned in the lesson that day. Teachers can use this information to improve their lesson plans.