Balance Sheet

By: John Pfeifer

What is a balance sheet?

Balance sheet tells assets, liabilities, and capital of the business or other businesses at a certain point. Details the balance of expenditure (the amount of money spent) and income over the proceeding period. Balance Sheet | Explanation | AccountingCoach

Where does the balance sheet come from?

The overall stock of a product and the amount of land the owner has.

Balance Sheet Definition | Investopedia

What does the balance sheet show?

Balance sheet shows company's assets, liabilities and shareholders' equity at a certain time. This shows what the company owns or owes for investors to get a better idea of what they are investing in. Balance Sheet Definition | Investopedia

What sections are in the balance sheet?

Assets. Liabilities. Owner's equity are the sections of a balance sheet. Components of a Balance Sheet

What does the balance sheet do?

Gives an idea what the investors owns or owns. Balance Sheet Definition | Investopedia