The Fault In Our Stars

By: John Green


The Fault In Our Stars is a romance novel about two star-crossed lovers. The main characters are Hazel and Gus. Hazel has cancer and Gus was in remission. They meet through a support group and Hazel ends up going to Gus' house. At his house she shows him her favorite book and he reads it. Gus decides to e-mail the author of the book and the author invites them to Amsterdam. A couple of days before the trip to Amsterdam Gus finds out he has cancer everywhere in his body but doesn't tell Hazel before the trip. While they are in Amsterdam they get to meet the author of the book; Peter. It turns out that Peter's assistant invited them not him and when they go to his house he is rude to them. On the last day of the trip Gus tells Hazel that he is going to die soon because he has cancer again. When they are back in America Gus throws himself a funeral that only Hazel and Isaac (his best friend) attend. He threw the funeral for himself because he wanted to attend his own funeral. Eight days after the "funeral" Gus dies and Hazel is heartbroken. At Gus' real funeral Peter shows up and apologizes to Hazel and also gives her a note that Gus sent him before he died. The note was a eulogy for Hazel's future funeral because he wanted her to know that he always loved her.
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