GI: Tiong Bahru

Andy, Lohes, Shazwan, Nadia, Kasthuri

What The Residents Think About Tiong Bahrru

After interviewing the residents and locals at Tiong Bahru, i realize that many people stayed there for a long time. During my interview, my interviewee who happened to be a market shop seller was willing to do the short interview with my group mates. Later then we found out that he had been living in Tiong Bahru for 71 years and he sell food ingredients such as dried fish etc for a living. His impression of Tiong Bahru was that it was peaceful and the scenery was like the past. Another person who i interviewed was a drink stall owner. He is not a local but travel every morning there to work. He sells beverages for a living for about 3-4 years. Both interviewees mentioned that the facilities and the amenities were very good.

My Point Of View

In my opinion, Tiong Bahru is like a trip back to the past. The building structure is amazing and the shop-houses are very beautiful. The roads are very busy and there a many two-five story houses. The houses have spiral staircase which i think its a unique feature. Not only that but the locals are very friendly and cheerful. Many hawker centers filled with laughter of families enjoying their bond. Tiong Bahru makes me feel comfortable even though i do not live there. In a nutshell i think that Tiong Bahru gives the residents there a sense of belonging as i who lives at another place feel comfortable there.


This whole GI project was a great bonding and learning experience. My group mates and i had a fun time interviewing people for the first time and doing research on our country. We learned a lot of new things such as the history of Tiong Bahru and how the locals feel about their homeland. Tiong Bahru has unique structure and appearance people can identify and relate to their neighbourhood. And having friendly people who interact with each other often, where the residents will gradually develop a strong sense of place and belonging. Therefore my group mates and i have come to a conclusion that Tiong Bahru is an inclusive housing estate.