Neil Armstrong Elementary

Dr. Stevenson's Weekly News- Week 12

November 16-20

Weekly Plan-Culture, Communication, Collaboration


Thank you to all of you who helped out and went above and beyond so that Adrianna, Carrie, Becky, Debbie, and I could spend three days learning all about math in Minneapolis at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics regional conference. We learned lots of useful ideas and strategies to share with you, with students, and with parents. We are hoping to put on a Family Math Night with Rock-It on Monday December 7th at NA and incorporate lots of the ideas we learned including:

-"Math on a Stick" ideas to make math fun, engaging, natural, family friendly with possible food on a stick ideas

-Promoting equity in math for our at-risk students by remembering the mantra "truly wonderful and getting better" and possibly having our classroom/morning meeting groups come up with a mantra

-Continue work in PLCs to collaboratively plan lessons especially the use of questions so we can focus and funnel our teacher questions to meet student learning needs

-Remembering that CAREFUL PLANNING PREDICTS 75% OF CONVERSATIONS/CONTENT OF LESSONS in math and how we can use each other and model teachers to carefully orchestrate math lessons

-Acknowledge that PRODUCTIVE DISCOURSE IS NOT AN ACCIDENT! We must be intentional in our planning, executive, and assessment of math understanding every day

Thank you to all of you for helping with the Hunger Drive. I was humbled to see so many full boxes of food outside your classrooms and in the rotunda. Our students are needy, but we must not forget the need to teach them to give back and show kindness to others. We will announce the pizza winner next week after all boxes are collected.

Thank you to all of you for making our school awesome. As we hit the 3 month mark, it is tempting to slow down, lower expectations etc., but I am so PROUD to say that all of our staff come to work every day and give 100+%. Many district guests have remarked to me that our staff truly "teach more" and "work harder" than any others in the district and it shows. Our students can "compete" with any others and that is due to your efforts.

Thank you for working on our "culture" by supporting the PTA at Buffalo Wild Wings. Our PTA really wants to make a difference and it helps them to know you all support them in return.

We should be interviewing for our behavior interventionist position later next week. We also will have a floater para as our ECSE para to help Bea and Donna with medical needs for one our students. We should fill that position around Thanksgiving break, too.

Don't forget to complete the year round school survey that was emailed out earlier this week!

Monday November 16th

7:45 Academic Data Team (ADT)

8:50 2nd grade literacy collaborative meeting- Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Adrianna, Patty

10:50 4th grade literacy collaborative meeting- Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Kate, Debbie, Jodi

12:20 1st grade literacy collaborative meeting- Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Kyrie, Bonnie

1:20 Kindergarten literacy collaborative meeting- Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Jessica, Kathy

2:20 5th grade literacy collaborative meeting- Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Scott, Becca

3:20 (if needed) literacy Kindergarten collaborative meeting- Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Jessica, Kathy

3:30 Staff meeting- Behavior (PBIS, CICO, Morning Meetings)

6:00 School board presentation (Lisa) of School Improvement Plan

Tuesday November 17th

7:45 Behavior Data Team for Carrie, Jenni, Danielle, Ardie, Amber, Brooke, and Lisa

8:30 Weekly school-wide assembly

9:50 3rd grade literacy collaborative meeting- Jenni, Carrie, Lisa, Erika, Becky

1:30-3:30 Admin meeting at Admin Center for Lisa

2:00 Preschool literacy collaborative meeting- Jenni, Carrie, Brooke

2:50 Post-observation meeting w/Kate Steger

3:30 Behavior IEP w/Becca and Amber M.

Wednesday November 18th

9:00-3:00 ELP challenge at PAC for 3rd-5th Extensions/ELP students

9:00 Patty Topping pre-observation

10:50 Amber Mattly formal observation

12:45 NA Core team meeting w/Danielle, Lori, Anne, Barb, Christy Davis

Thursday November 19th

9:00 Morning meetings recording with Colleen

9:15 Patty Topping formal observation

12:50 Bonnie Thomas PLP meeting

1:00 Weekly instructional coaches meeting with Jenni and Carrie

2:00 Monthly classified staff meeting w/all paras and office staff

2:30 Weekly 21CCLC meeting w/Becca & Jenni

3:20 Speech IEP with Bonnie & Peg

Friday November 20th

7:45 PBIS committee meeting in library

7:45 Monthly NA/AEA SPED meeting w/Brooke, Amber, Jodi, Ellen, Ardie, Peg, Debbie

9:30 Weekly counseling meeting with Danielle

10:45 Weekly office staff meeting