Week of September 8th-11th

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~ Shout out to 3-5 Math teachers! TEA released the passing standard for the STAAR math test, and we are very pleased with our scores school-wide! Hard work definitely pays off, and these teachers deserve a well-earned pat on the back! Great job!!!

~ Our first visit with the ICLE consultants will be this Thursday with 4th and 5th grade! 5th grade make sure to "lay eyes" on your sub before leaving for Saginaw Elementary for the meeting. 5th grade will begin at 8:00, and 4th grade will begin at 12:00. You all will share subs. I am off campus at a training all day, but Bobby will stop in during each session to for a short amount of time. I hope you get a lot out of the time with the consultant, and remember to ask questions if needed! This is your time to learn and grow using the ICLE framework and rubrics!

~ I am still missing a few teachers' club names. Please choose what activity you would like to do, and let me know ASAP. If you need ideas, feel free to ask and/or visit We will have an updated list of clubs today at our staff meeting.

~ Make sure to set a time aside and go through your cum folders to get to know your kids! SO much information can be found in those folders, so make sure to make it a priority to look through them in order to find out needed academic as well as socio-emotional information.

~ Curriculum Night will be on September 29th. The times are in 20 minute chunks, and there are 3 time slots per grade level to allow parents with multiple children to attend each grade level needed. It will start at 6:00 and end at 7:10. The powerpoints can be found online, and the information was sent from Stacy Summerhill and forwarded to teachers last week. Please feel free to add as needed. We will also have a segment in the presentations about Clubs, and I will get that to you to add. It will be short and should only take a few minutes to explain, but I would like each grade level to have the same information to relay. Let me know if you have any questions!

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~ The campus coin drive will take place next week. We will collect different coins each day! Please begin promoting this, so that we can earn some money for our Enrichment Clubs. Money will be used to purchase things such as food, postage, materials, etc. A note about the coin drive will be going home today! We will also begin talking about it over announcements tomorrow morning. The more we promote, the more we will earn!!

The schedule will go as follows:

Monday: pennies

Tuesday: nickels

Wednesday: dimes

Thursday: quarters

Friday: all coins

~ Don't forget to teach those universal "attention getters." Give me 5 and Ahoy-Mateys are the two we are using this year school-wide! We will work on those during the Spirit rally on the 25th, so I'm excited to see how many already know what to do!

~ Remember to work on a class creed with your students. Several have asked if the entire grade level can have the same one, and that is fine too! When you have your class/grade creed ready and your kids want to perform, let Bobby or Kori know! We would love to come and listen to help celebrate our students!!

~ Our Thinking Maps "Refresher" will take place on October 5th at our Monday staff meeting at 3:00. If you are a new teacher and just did the Thinking Maps training in August, you will not have to attend that part of the meeting. Please come for the beginning of the meeting to hear any news or highlights addressed, and then you will be free to leave. If you remember, this is the training that was postponed from our August inservice week. The training should not take more than 45 minutes.

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Words of the Week

~Our first words of the week will be next week. The words will be Passion and Immersion.

Passion- a strong feeling or emotion

Immersion- deeply engaged or involved

We will continue with all of the words in our PIRATE acronym. This will take up 3 weeks (with 2 words per week)

~ Once we complete PIRATE, we will begin a program in which each grade level has a different word. The process will be explained in more detail at our staff meeting today, but here is how it will start out...

~ We will have 6 words to learn over a 2 week period. The word CAN be printed in color for each teacher to hang up in their room/hallway.

~Each grade level will be responsible for 1 of the 6 words.

For Example: Kinder has the word ENGAGE

The first week in Kinder classes they will hang the word in their classroom. They can come up with creative ways to teach the rest of the school their word.

These Examples would be made during the first week and could be a great way to utilize technology and work on writing skills. Remember...these are JUST examples.

  1. Use an iPad to make a video (Link a QR Code to Video)
  2. Make posters promoting your word
  3. Talk about the word on the announcements
  4. Send students around to a buddy class to talk about the word
  5. Hang up sentences using the word
  6. Take photos of the word in action
  7. Write a short story using the word
  8. Learn how to spell the word

...Or anything else you can think of!!


After getting consensus from all the grade levels, we have decided to do the following for awards:

* A Honor Roll, Attendance, Citizenship (previously ribbons) will now be the tags that PTA is selling to add onto the rings. This will be a great way to promote the students to buy the rings from PTA, so it benefits them as well! The kids seem excited about the tags, so we will help market this by using them as our awards this year instead of the ribbons.

* We will still have the pencils and restaurant coupons.

Dates to Remember

* Tuesday, September 8th: Staff meeting in the library @ 3:00

* Thursday, September 10th: ICLE Consultant Visit Day 1 (5th grade (AM) & 4th grade (PM)

* Friday, September 11th: Compliance Bundle is DUE!!

TSR part 1 is due for teachers

* Monday, September 14th: PDAS observation window begins

* Tuesday, September 15th: PICTURE DAY

Kori off campus at LEAD meeting all day

* Wednesday, September 16th: Bobby off campus at Training

Sonic Night- Party on the Patio

Thursday, September 17th: Kori off campus at training

PTA meeting & annual Title 1 Meeting @ 6:00pm

Friday, September 25th: Spirit Rally & FUN RUN Kickoff

Tuesday, September 29th: Curriculum Night (3 rotations)




(Each presentation should be no more than 20 minutes in length. The 5 minutes will allow for transition time between grade levels for parents with multiple families)

Friday, October 2nd: Early Release & Campus Staff Development (PM)

Monday, October 5th: Staff Meeting/Thinking Maps Refresher- 3:00

Thursday, October 8th: FUN RUN donations DUE

Friday, October 9th: Kori off campus in AM for presentation at admin.

Monday, October 12th: District Staff Development (NO school for students)

Tuesday, October 13th: Campus Staff Development (NO school for students)

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