Co-op at GEARS Bike Shop!


VISION To create a bike shop and community that makes cycling accessible to all Canadians.


To be a happy, healthy and respectful environment where we listen to and support our customers of every age, gender and ability while combining a high level of service, selection and value in every category of cycling.

Gears Tidbits

  • Founded by Kevin Wallace in 1988 in order to help support his family
  • Ira Kargel took over the operations side when Kevin's mother became too ill
  • Largest independent retailer of bicycles within Canada
  • Provide free tune-ups for every bike purchased for life
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The first storefront location in Clarkson from 1988 until 1996.

Essential Skills for Working in a Repair Shop

1. Problem Solving

  • Not always obvious what needs fixing
  • Use prior knowledge for analysis, deductive reasoning, etc.
  • Use bike shop equipment that provides technical information

2. Collaborative Skills

  • May require input from a more experienced worker
  • Some jobs may need more than one set of hands

3. Planning & Organizing

  • Prioritize what needs to be fixed and in what order
  • Dedicate an appropriate amount of time
  • Decide how to keep costs down
GEARS Bike Shop booth at the 2014 Toronto Bicycle Show

What I learned working at the GEARS booth:

The importance of keeping your cool under stressful time constraints

i.e., stay focussed and calm

When you have a strong team, the work gets done more efficiently

Always be patient with and respectful of the customer

This flyer was created for educational purposes only in order to provide a sample online presentation for a Co-operative Education Placement