Graphic Artist

Fine art, World languages, and Digital design

Personality, skills, and present life.

I'm a creative artist who is aspiring to spend everyday doing what I love, drawing.

I'm a good listener, communicator, versatile worker, on task worker, easy-going, studying to speak other world languages, and professional.

I am currently studying at Junction City High school and aiming to graduate in the year 2019 with a diploma.

Boston, Massachusetts

Cost of living KS. vs. Ma.

My job description for the company that I am applying for does not list the salary, so I believe that will be something discussed once I achieve in getting it, or achieve in getting an interview. Currently though, living in Massachusetts will be about 93.5% more expensive than living where I am already. Still, I will chase my dreams no matter the destination, besides, the average pay for an artist is $49,000 per year, which enough to keep me going.

A specific example would be that I would need to earn about $25,800 in Junction City, KS. Compared to the need to earn $50,000 in Boston, MA. for standard living requirements.

Currently hoping for:

I am applying to the job for the company Brown and Caldwell.

It fit's my criteria and was my most favored application out of the many that I have researched. It's ideals are clear and their business environment sounds comfortable and enjoyable.

Brown and Caldwell Info. -Homepage

Boston, Massachusetts. One Tech Drive, suite 310

Andover MA 01810 - 2435

Telephone: (978) 794 - 0534

Contact information

If you can, please contact me for question's, or for application offers for a job related to my career choice