NASSCOM Early Stage Summit

Supporting the early stage startup ecosystem

What is it?

The NPC Early Stage Summit (NESS) is an invite-only event conceived by NASSCOM to brings together major accelerators, incubators, angel groups, strategic corporates, super angels, mentors and early stage venture investors from across India to this unique and exclusive meeting. This will be scheduled annually in conjunction with NASSCOM Product Conclave, the leading product and entrepreneurial event in India, in Bangalore on Oct 29th this year.

NASSCOM Early Stage Summit

Sunday, July 13th, 9pm

The Humming Tree, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Bangalore, Karnataka

Nasscom Early Stage Summit Agenda

9.00 AM: Registration & Welcome Adress

Research Study Unveiled: "NASSCOM: State of the Early Stage Ecosystem" Speakers: Ravi Gururaj & Rajat Tandon

9.30 AM: New Trends, What's Hot & What' Not, Leapfrog Opportunities & Plugging Gaps

Speakers: Startup Village, 91Springboard, Ryerson, 10000Startups, DLabs, Ginserv, LetsVenture.

10.15 AM: Financing The Nurturers: Incubator & Accelerator Funding Strategies

11.00 AM: Accelerating The Accelerators: New Strategies & Approaches To Successful Nurturing of Early Stage Technology Ventures

11.45 AM: Off The Record: What No One Tells You About Angel Investing (But SHOULD)

12.15 AM: Latest Term Sheet Hacks & Trends

Active early stage investors & lawyers from both India and Silicon Valley walk us thru the latest trends in funding terms, valuations and instruments. Speakers: Shwetambari Rao @ KLaw, Sharda Balajai @ NovoJuris, Shantanu Supre @ Sand Hill Counsel, Anil Advani @ Inventus Law

12.45 AM Who's On First?: A Play-by-Play Guide To The Early Stage Leaderboard

State of the Early Stage Ecosystem - research delivered on latest funds, deals, valuations, exits and wipeouts! Speaker: Venture Intelligence or VCCircle.

1.00 PM: Lunch Break

2.00 PM: Lessons Learned in University Incubation


Refining the Pipeline and Managing a Successful Selection Process

Screening and selecting high-value startups is critical to a program’s success. The presenter will explain the key criteria your entrepreneur/startup evaluation process should consider, detail the characteristics of successful selection panelists, and discuss how to efficiently process large volumes of prospective applicants.

3.00 PM: Coffee Break

3.15 PM: Learning from International Ecosystems

4.00 PM: The New Innovation Methodology - Corporates Accelerators

4.30 PM: Insights: What The Seed Stage Explosion Means For Every Investor!

5.00 PM: Successfully Financing Startups

5.45 PM: Ride over to Taj West End (Sponsored by Uber)

6.30 PM: Emerge Award Cocktails & Dinner @ Taj West End (by invite only, NESS delegates receive special invite).

NASSCOM Product Conclave

This is an event on day zero of NPC 2014. NPC, NASSCOM Product Conclave is India's biggest product ecosystem event which brings businesses, technologists, product industry professionals, investors, and startups in a massive 2-day event. Know more about NPC at

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Wednesday, Oct. 29th, 9:30pm

The Humming Tree, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Bangalore, Karnataka