Unit 1 Cultural Geography

Bree Albano


location, place, movement, human environment interaction, and region all influence where and why people live because it gives people the freedom to choice what kind of life they want to live

problems created by the iphone

environmental- apple relies on coal to power its sources

technological- iPhones can cause radiation and create viruses they also can crash easily so people can loose everything on their device

cultural- iPhones aren't made in the us because its cheaper to make them in other countries so it becomes a problem for americans when they don't have a job and they are given to other people so they can pay less.

economic- a high priced product like the iPhone will dominate in a market full of cheaper options so it makes it hard for other smart phone makers to sell their product.

solution- To solve this issue it would be fair to lower the prices of the iPhones so that it isn't much ahead of other brands and the market is fair. But that would never happen


pros of globalization

- Productivity grows faster when countries make their own goods and trade.

- Trading with other countries can make more allies and better world peace

- Better understanding of other cultures to make less stereotypes

- Helps technology improve

- Reduced cost by producing "low cost" countries

- upgraded education systems

cons of globalization

- Creates less jobs in the US

- Has made many people lose their jobs in the US

- Pay cuts for employers

- slow wage growth

How Globalization Relates To Me

globalization effects me more then i realized, it gives me more access to an even broader set of products and services. For example my iPhone and mac book are both products that are most likely made in china thanks to globalization. Most of the apps and things you can access on them are ideas made by other places around the world. I use snapchat, instagram and other social media so globalization is effecting me because social media is evolving, upgrading and giving more access to new things on the web globally.

6 word claim

globalization is made by every person


I think that in 15 years technology will change tho world so much. My kids probably won't have to read books or go to the library to get information because eveything that they will need to access will be on their phones or whatever device is made by then

Natural resources used to make the iphone

- rock

- minerals such as cerium, europiumand neodymium,

- stainless steen

- glass

- copper

- gold

- platinum

Big image

manufacturing map