Level 1 ERPD Morning Plan 9.17.14



Students report to their A-1 class. Teachers will lead students through the following activities after announcements:

Brinkley and Heinrich-landscaping

Thompson and Head-bulletin boards

Pentzak and Roldan- litter patrol

Bristol-Media Center

*Note- Level 2 and 3 students will be in the cafeteria from 9:15-10:00, so please do not attempt to travel through the cafeteria and keep noise to a respectful volume when nearby. Thanks!


Students go to their A-4 class. During this time, 3 things will happen in the order, determined by the teacher and when you are called to lunch:

1. Lunch- Please wait for your class to be called to the cafeteria. We will attempt to follow the original 4th block lunch order, just in a condensed amount of time.

2. Global Conversation

3. Students work on their Service as Action Keynote. By this point, students should at the very minimum have their template downloaded. During this time, students should start the reflection questions for service projects they have participated in. This might also be an appropriate time to clarify what types of activities count towards service as action and which ones are not a good fit.