Death of Coral Reefs

Smith 4th period

What are the 2 main issues with your topic?

  • Coral bleaching—caused by elevated sea surface temperatures due to global climate change;
  • Rising levels of CO2
  • Diseases, Plagues and Invasives—linked to human disturbances in the environment
  • The negative effects on the enviroment are....

  • Over-fishing (and global market pressures)—including the use of damaging practices (bomb and cyanide fishing);
  • Sediments—from poor land use, deforestation, and dredging;
  • Nutrients and Chemical pollution
  • Development of coastal areas—for urban, industrial, transport and tourism developments, including reclamation and mining of coral reef rock and sand beyond sustainable limits.
  • What are the main regions or areas in or nearest to North America affected by death of coral reefs?

    What wildlife is most affected by death of coral reefs?

    The most affected by dead coral reefs is small fish, and bottom feeders. This is beacuse these fish use the coral reefs as shelter from predators.

    How are the wildlife affected by this?

    The fish don't have shelter and they are eaten by their predators. Without the coral reef as a shelter the small fish and bottom feeders are prone to be killed by the bigger fish/predators.

    Does death of coral reefs affect our living in League City?

    What causes death of coral reefs?

    Coral reefs face many threats. Some are natural stresses, such as hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, earthquakes, or plagues of coral-eating predators like the crown of thorns starfish, about which we can do little. These stresses usually are very episodic or irregular in both space and time, and really healthy reefs will recover from them over time. In a completely different category are the human caused stresses to reefs. These stresses are persistent and constantly intensifying.

    What are the colutions to death of coral reefs?

    1. Conserve water
    2. Use only ecological or organic fertilizers
    3. Support reef-friendly businesses
    4. Plant a tree
    5. Practice safe and responsible diving and snorkeling
    6. Contact your government representatives

    Ideas for controlling death of coral reefs...

    • Dispose of your trash properly
    • Spread the word
    • Help reduce pollution
    • Volunteer for a coral reef cleanup