Dangerous Places In The World

By: Dillon, Austin, Brooke, Madi

Dangerous Places

There are many dangerous places in the world, but perhaps some of the most dangerous places come from things that are hardly visible to the human eye. Some of the most hazardous places in the world sit right on top of a tectonic plate boundary. A tectonic plate is a large piece of land that makes up the earths crust. Tectonic plates can cause great damage when two plates collide. When plates collide they can create earthquakes and volcanoes. Some of the most dangerous places to live lie right on top of an invisible force of nature.


Located just off the coast of South Korea and Russia, lies the small country of Japan. Japan is filled with many beautiful beaches, not only does it have great coastline, but it also contains many forest with a lot of different wildlife species. The country provides many attractions for tourist including, The Great Wall of China, beaches, forests, castles, temples, and statues, Japan is also home to many mountains. Crime rate in Japan is very low, Japans crime rate is almost 64 points lower than the crime rate in the United States.

Japan is located on the boundaries of four tectonic plates. Nearly all of japan lies on the Eurasian plate, but the country is surrounded by three other plates as well. Almost all of Japans coast line is located on a plate boundary. The plate boundaries that it is located on are the Eurasian plate boundary, the Pacific plate boundary, the North American plate boundary, and the Philippine Plate boundary. Being located on these boundaries makes Japan a very tectonically active region.

Japan has many active volcanoes that can have very violent eruptions. Not only does it have active volcanoes that pose a threat to society it also has many dormant volcanoes that scientist think could erupt at any moment. The reason that Japan has so many volcanoes is because they have a lot of earthquakes, when an earthquake happens that can easily cause volcanoes to erupt. Another thing that is a danger to the Japanese people and county is a Tsunami which is also triggered by earthquakes on the seafloor. Japan is also located on the Ring of Fire, which is an area of the world that is extremely prone to earthquakes and volcanoes. The country of Japan is a beautiful place to live, but it will always hold the threat of many earthquakes and volcanoes.

Honshu, Japan - By: Brooke

As formerly known as Hondo, Honshu is not your typical small island in Japan. Honshu is the seventh largest island in the world! Its larger than Great Britain and Minnesota. Honshu is the nations mainland. 80% of Japan's population lives in Honshu. Honshu isn’t known just for being the mainland in Japan. Honshu is known for its classic folk customs, festivals, and hot springs.
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Japan sits on the western part of the Northern American, and the Eurasian plates. Japan has more than 1500 hundred earthquakes every year. Japan also lies near the Ring of Fire and thats where most earthquakes and volcanoes occur.
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Honshu is a very volcanic place. Not only is volcanic but its also a place with frequent earthquakes. (Says researchers themselves.) On March 11, 2011, Honshu had an earthquake with magnitude of 9.0. That’s giant! After the earthquake ended, an enormous tsunami with waves high as 37.88 meters in the air. When both of those terrible tragedies they found 15,703 people killed, 4,647 missing, 5,314 injured, and 130,927 displaced. That’s terrible. And the earthquakes and tsunamis are still happening in/ by Honshu. Honshu is a very dangerous place to live.

Chile, South America - By: Madi

Chile is a beautiful place that is on the west coast of South America. Chile is also known for the mountain ranges that are close by. These mountains are the Andes Mountains. A lot of people live here for the beauty of either the Pacific Ocean that is nearby or the mountains.

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Chile is on the western side of South America and it sits right on the South American Plate. Chile has had a lot of earthquakes, but not all of them are felt. There are at least nine earthquakes that have tsunamis with them in a year. That doesn’t seem like much, but those are the earthquakes that are the bigger ones.
Chile is has a lot of mountains causing it to have a couple volcanoes here and there, but the most common threat to Chile is all of the flooding from the Ocean. Not only is it just volcanoes and floods, but earthquakes too. The biggest recorded earthquake in Chile was May 22nd, 1960. It had a magnitude of a 9.5. It killed 1,655 people and injured 3,000 and the damage cost was about 550 million dollars. That was just from the earthquake and not the tsunami. The tsunami killed 61 people and it cost 75 million dollars to the people of Hawaii from the enormous shock waves that were created from the earthquake. Yes, this is a very dangerous place to live, but the view is very pretty. This is why Chile is a very dangerous, yet beautiful, place to live.
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If you live around Indonesia then this is one of the most dangerous places on earth. Some people say this place is dangerous, others differently. But this one spot is known for one of the two things, volcanoes.

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This place is dangerous since the first eruption, there are some of the volcanoes are underwater right now. 9 volcanoes right now are dormant and mostly all of the volcanoes are active right now. There might be some problems with other things.
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Volcanoes might be a problem when you live in Indonesia, but some volcanoes are under water, some others are not violently dangerous, the rest you might need to violently active. People live in the area of a volcano for the beauty of the land around the volcano. These are the reasons why the volcanoes in Indonesia are dangerous and why people live there


The movement of tectonic plates can cause great danger to many cities and towns. Many lives have been lost due to earthquakes and volcanoes which are a result of tectonic plates moving. Not only can these things be a hazard to humans but they can also be very dangerous for vegetation, animals and many buildings in its path of destruction. some of the biggest and most populated cities in the world sit right on top of tectonic plates. Some of the most dangerous things are created by something that most people cannot see at a glance.


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