Night Of Broken Glass


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Children of the Holocaust

The Children

Children of the holocaust were the most vulnerable target.The Nazis had no remorse in killing unwanted or unneeded children. The undesirable need for most children were because of racial ideological views that these Jewish, polish, did not to have to the German raise. Children died from birth they also died as soon as they arrived in killing centers .The survival of some kids under the age of 13 was because prisoners helped hide them. Some of the older children 12 and older died as medical experiments . Children at the age of 13 and older were sent to work in camps. As many as 1.5 million children were killed by German Nazi soldiers.
The Execution - Holocaust (Auschwitz)

The Final solution

The sacrifice by fire which we know as the holocaust was a state prosecution of 6 million Jews by Nazi German soldiers. Germans believed in order to gain more power they had to enforce that they were racially superior and the Jewish people were inferior and did not belong among the German race.The Nazi regime found the final solution to their racial problem by forcing Jewish people into concentration camps or called work camps . Many died of starvation , torture and the openness of diseases. Many got over worked which cause them to be tired and also get killed. Some Jewish people never made it to camps but into gas facilities were they were intoxicated and burned .
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The End To A So Called Solution

Before the last days of the war could be reach large numbers of Jewish people were moved in trains or forced to march.The march of these Jewish people was to line them up and kill them before the war would end . The Nazi had a mission to prevent the liberation of large numbers of the prisoners that had survive working in the death camps.The Nazis officially surrender to the war on may 7 1945. Thankfully the allied forces began traveling towards Europe and liberating all Death camps. Many survivors migrated ti Israel, united states, and other countries. The holocaust eliminated hundreds of Jewish people from Europe and devastated Jewish communities