Michael LeRoy

Expert Defense Attorney

Bar Memberships

Michael LeRoy holds a plethora of bar memberships, including with the American Bar Association, the Florida State Bar Association, and the Nebraska State Bar Association. As an attorney, LeRoy has shown himself to be one of the best in the state of Florida, working diligently to defend his clients from lawsuits and fraudulent claims against a business, property, or the owner of the business or property.

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Michael LeRoy and Supporting the Gleason Initiative

The Gleason Initiative was founded by Steve Gleason and continues to thrive because of significant contributions like those of Michael LeRoy. Steve Gleason is known as a player form the National Football League. He played on the special teams for the New Orleans Saints. During his time in the famous American sport, Gleason was well known in the league for his hard hits and philanthropy. It was during his time in the NFL that he was a part of starting a non-profit organization. This opened up the philanthropic work that Gleason would later do.

Three years after retiring from eight successful season in the NFL, Steve Gleason was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more commonly known as ALS. The illness is one that has not received a vast amount of publicity, but that is what the initiative looks to change. By focusing on gaining awareness for the disease, the initiative looks to raise funds for the technology that those with the illness need to be treated and medical research to work on finding a cure for the issue. Michael LeRoy donates his resources, and is a significant contributor to this cause.

After losing a close family member to ALS, Michael LeRoy developed fervor for the Gleason Initiative and helping it through his resources. With passion LeRoy defends each and every one of his clients, using a tenacity that is uniquely his in the defense of the rights for those who work with him; he uses that same passion and tenacity to help promote the good that the Gleason Initiative is doing. It is because of partners like Michael LeRoy that this organization can contribute to doing good for many people.

Workers’ Compensation Defense

Fulmer LeRoy& Albee, PLLC is on the side of the employer. Michael LeRoymanages the entire firm from its Orlando office, serving the entire state of Florida. These legal experts know well the laws that are passed in their state concerning the relationship between employers and employees. Knowing the rights of both sides of the argument allows Michael LeRoy and his team of attorneys to provide a better defense for their client. They will ensure that the rights of their client, the employer, are not forgotten or ill represented.

Workers’ compensation litigation is a specialty of the attorneys at Fulmer LeRoy& Albee. Between the attorneys at one of the top legal defense firms in the state, they have a combined 125 years of experience to offer. The professionals have nearly seen it all and are prepared to put their knowledge and expertise together to create a legal defense for their client that is unbreakable. The professional attorneys, like Michael LeRoy, ensure that the claim filed against their client is valid. They conduct a thorough investigation of the scene in order to ensure that the claim is not fraudulent.

They keep the interest of their client in mind and know how to work quickly and quietly in order to protect the reputation of their client. Prompt to take care of the legal issues impending against their client, Michael LeRoy and the attorneys at Fulmer LeRoy& Albee are the best at defending their clients and successfully caring for the rights of them as employers.