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Religions. Each have different ideals, but are they really that different?
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Christianity: Good Human Being

Islam: Good Deeds

Hinduism: Honest, Patience

Buddhism: Happiness
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Contributing to a better world.

Shape who you are, who we are.

Interlinked ideals.

Seeing God in all, no bias or prejudice, brings peace.
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We all practice religion.

Everyone can get along, we are all men of god.

We all have the same purpose, to help each other.
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Religions offer united visions.

God is our reality.

We have unity and integrity.

This underlies most religions.
Doing good deeds is represented by Islam.

Hinduism believes in honesty and patience.

Living life to the fullest is a virtue of Judiasm.

Sikhism brings self control.

Christianity believes in being a good human, and to follow the figure of Jesus. T

hese all bring a good value to the table.

These all are united.