Beers Law Lab

By Nicholas Ward

Preliminary Knowledge and experience.

Beers Law is based on how light travels through objects, such as liquids and gasses. For this lab we saw how light travels through different combinations of water and Anesthesia. Anesthesia is a drug used for numbing pain and putting someone to sleep for a painless surgery.

Set up

Prepare 11 small rectangular prisms, The first one fill with just water, then for the remaining 10 with 10% Anesthesia for the first, increasing by 10% for the remaining ones. Prepare the light sensor by plugging it into a computer, and starting up logger pro.


Put a rectangular prism inside the light sensor, and click collect on logger pro. The reading of the first prism should be on the computer now, so take the prism out, and put in another one. Do this for each prism. once done, click stop.