Publishing Student Created Books

July 27, 2017 #EPISDBLC2017

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Book Creator

Book Creator One App - (free) Test drive the Book Creator App and create one free book.
Book Creator - (4.99) -Book creator is a blank canvas that allows you to create a book with drawing tools, text tools, option to insert photos, videos, and audio. Publish to your personal iBooks, on the web, or to the iBooks store.
Book Creator Education Website - Looking for ideas? The Book Creator Website is full of ideas to help get those creative juices flowing.
Seesaw Class App- Would you download this app to help us share the pages in the book we will create together

Art App Extras

Collaborative Book

The Sun City
Written by EPISD Teachers
July 27, 2017

Publishing in the iBooks Store

Take a look at Book Creator's 3 Step Guide to publishing on the iBooks store and great student examples to share with your class.
How to publish on iTunes - Step 1.
How to publish on iTunes - Step 2.
How to publish on iTunes - Step 3.