Ambrosia Pumila (San Diego Ragweed)

Endangered Plant Species

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Background Info

Ambrosia pumila (San Diego ragweed) is a clonal herbaceous perennial plant occurring in southern California from northwestern Riverside County, south through western San Diego County, to northwestern Baja California, Mexico. The species is found primarily on upper terraces of rivers and drainages; however, several patches of the plant occur within the watershed of a large vernal (ephemeral) pool at the Barry Jones (Skunk Hollow) Wetland Mitigation Bank in Riverside County.

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Cause of Endangerment

The primary threats at that time were urban development and highway and utility corridor construction and maintenance, inadequacy of regulatory mechanisms, nonnative plants, mowing or discing, and human encroachment.

Course of Action for Protection

Suggested solutions for preserving the Ambrosia Pumila range from protecting the known remaining habitats the plant is located to, in dire cases, translocating the plant to a safer environment.