Are you Fit?

here are ways to get fit Physicaly,Emotionaly,and Socialy

Emotionaly Fit

To be Emotionaly Fit start with some words that will give you a nice confedince booster. Start with something like,your awsome! or you can do this. I'm a gymnast and the words that help me are simply "don't fall on your face" ,and you got this,or never say never. Just you know little words to lift my spirits.

Fitness Rocks

Physically Fit

A Frequentlly Ask Question

Why should I exercises? Because its good for you. Don't exspect to be fit right away it takes time and patience. Maybe try running to build your Endurence it might just help in gym class.

Socially Fit

The first step to being socially fit is......... Talk! Try to talk to more people make new friends. Having a fairly large circle of friends can be fun. Middle School is a great place to start. You get to meet people from other schools and get to know them too.

Remember Being Fit Is Fun!