My 2014-2015 School Year

The year I was in Middle School

The changes that occurred in middle school

My friends, interest, and kind of changed my style like in the sense of clothes. For example, for my friends I switched between friends, then sometimes my friends would leave me out. I changed my interest, so this year I was more into beauty stuff. Also for my style, I am mixing it up a little. For example, wearing crop tops, leggings, skater skirts. That is what has changed in my first year of MIddle School.

Changes in detail

What I mean by more beauty stuff is like makeup and stuff like that. Also on youtube I am watching beauty gurus. How my personality changed is that I am more in to YouTube now a days, I even want to start my own YouTube channel. My friends have changed as well, I went from a big group to a group of three friends. This year was a big year for change, and I really noticed it.
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What I am most surprised about is starting my own YouTube channel. I thought I would never want to start my own YouTube channel, but I really want to. This year has been the biggest year of change. I have to say that the biggest change happens in the first year of Middle School. Those were my changes in my fist year of Middle School.