5th Grade Superstar Weekly

October 17, 2016 | Week 9 | Trimester 1


Boo Grams are still on sale! They are super cute little ghost guys that students can purchase for their friends. Each one will come with a Stencil (scented pencil). Order forms were sent out this last week and will be collected for distribution on October 31st. Each one will be $3.00 for up to 9 grams, $2.00 for 10 or more.

Friday, October 21st from 6:00 - 8:00PM is the Harvest Dance. Children must be accompanied by an adult to attend. Cost is $5.00 for a family of 4 and $1.00 for each additional person. Dress in your best costumes as there will be a contest!!

Monday, October 24th is our next Super Star Assembly. If you child was selected to receive an award, I have sent you a message on Class Dojo and/or email. Please join us to celebrate your child from 10:40AM - 11:40AM in the MPR.

Don't forget to sign and return permission slips for our field trip to the Wind Orchestra on October 28th. We need 5 total chaperones, so if you are interested in attending, please let me know.

Don't forget to sign up for PTA! Memberships are just $10.00 and help support field trips and assemblies for our amazing students.


Reading Logs are now due (through Google Classroom) every Friday. So, please encourage your students to read at least 30 minutes at home each night, then fill out their Reading Logs (found in their red folders, or on Google Classroom). Students should be reading about 90 minutes per day (including class time) to help them develop as strong readers this year. Another way you can help your student to become a better reader is to ask them about what they read as well as the theories they are developing about the content of the book. Then have them support their theories with text evidence (details from the book).

Each week, I am sending home an "All About Me" newspaper poster. If it is your student's week to be Star of the Week, please work with them to fill it out, so I can post it on our wall.


This past week, students began the process of preparing for a debate. Book Clubs are making arguments about whose life is more challenging - Esperanza's or Kek's. They are looking at text evidence to support their positions, in addition to support their arguments against the other side.

A few days a week, students participate in Daily 5, where they work at different centers associated with Language Arts. This past week, Miss Ulrich and I introduced two new iPad apps: one which teaches about how to code and the other that makes movies similar to that of the Lego movie. Pictured, are two of our students using the app to make a motion picture of their own.


Students are finishing their second Narrative Writing piece, now working in partnerships to finalize their revisions. Mr. Durbin also introduced us to an online editing resource on which students copy their work onto the site and receive feedback for editing. Next week, students will begin preparing for, outlining, and begin their Narrative Writing Assessments. This work will be reflected on their report cards.


We have jumped head first into the world of fractions! This past week, we used both money and clock models to help us find simple fraction addition and subtraction problems. Students also determined which model would be a better choice, based on the value of the denominator. Students used the online money manipulatives to help them model and solve these problems.

Next week, we will look into using double number lines to solve equations with fractions. I am working on getting the Unit 2 Home Connections answers on my website. If you would like hard copies, let me know.

Social Studies

Students have begun their next project, this time with a focus on Social Studies and Early Explorers. Students have been divided into groups with the task of figuring out who really discovered America. Each group has been assigned an Early Explorer with historical evidence supporting their possible claim on discovering the American continent(s) first.

For this project, students will research their explorer's journey and claim and organize a debate supporting the idea that it was, in fact, their explorer who discovered America. They will also research the journeys of the other 6 groups to discredit their claims on America. Students will present their arguments in debate form an effort to have Columbus Day renamed after their explorer.

Upcoming Events

October 21st - CL Smith Harvest Dance 6:00PM

October 24th - Super Star Assembly

October 28th - 5th Grade Field trip to CPAC for the SLO Wind Orchestra Assembly

Student Highlights

Students enjoyed the visit from the SLO Fire Department. They go to see Mr. Garner and Miss Amy race to put on the Fire Gear (Miss Amy won by a long shot!), and witness much of the equipment being used. Students asked great questions such as, "how many years must you study to become a fire fighter?" and "How do you use math in your profession?"