TES Weekly Update

January 15, 2016

A Few Words...

Happy High Five Friday! We made it through a very busy week!

Teachers: Please share with me any notes from the Regional Articulation meetings to get an idea of what was communicated in your groups. Copies of the PD request forms are in the main office and can also be found in the Faculty Handbook. Looking ahead to the inservice day on February 11, it is helpful to have the PD evaluation forms of any workshops you have attended. This will give us an idea of possible topics to offer for turn-key sessions.

With Afterschool sessions resuming next week, there is a strong concern regarding the large number of students exiting the ramp with two additional clubs. I will be reviewing the numbers of students participating as soon as they are finalized, and planning a possible dismissal order. It is great that we are offering new experiences for our afterschool activities!

Janet and I will be out of the building mid-morning on Tuesday 1/19. Thanks for all you do! Have a wonderful 3 day weekend!

Websites - Links - Helpful info collected by TES staff members and me. Please share with me sites/Apps you would like featured.

STEM to STEAM ideas:


Anyone interested in taking over as Relay for Life Captain or forming a 2016 team?


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