European Countries

United Kingdom

United Kingdom has the goverment type of constitution and monarchy. the leather there is david cameron and queen elizabeth 2, and thereeuropean union is unlimited. there population is 63,047,162 and arable land ios 94,526 sq miles. agriculture cereal, oil seed, potatoes, vegetables, cattle and fish. gdp $ 2.288 trillion and per capital is 36,500. the currency is pound. some of there famous brands are dove, british airways, and lipton. languages is inglish and there most christians, the location is positioned in the northern eastern and western hemisphere.


Spain the leather is king juan carlos and mariano rojay. the country is unlimited. the population is 47,042,984,and the arable is 194,896 and the gdp is 1.406 trillion, and per capital is 30,500 the currency is euro nd exhange in us dollars is 1.00 euro + 1:56182 usd the famous brands are sagrada familia the language is spanish and the cultural is catholic cultural foods are churros.