Hannaford Career Center Newsletter

October 2023

Happy Halloween!

Dear PAHCC Community,

We've had so much fun this month! Our students have been busy, busy, busy! This month's newsletter has pictures and highlights from some of the exciting activities we did in October.

This month, we are highlighting our new administration team. We also have some important (and fun!) news and reminders to keep in mind as we move through fall.


πŸ“£ Upcoming Events πŸ“£

Monday, October 30 - Friday, November 10: Parent Teacher Conferences

Please contact your program instructor to set up a time

Friday, November 3: NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, November 8: Early Release

PM classes switch to the morning slot

Thursday, November 9: Open House

4:30-6:30 PM

We will do a Ribbon Cutting for the new construction, and the building will be open for tours

Monday, November 20 - Friday, November 24: NO SCHOOL

Thanksgiving Break


Spotlight on the New Administration πŸ”¦

🎊 3 Female Doc's Take the Helm! 🚒

We are excited to introduce three leaders who are making a splash this year! These women are highly educated, each having a doctoral degree. Their expertise has already shown many positive changes to the school!

Please help us welcome them. Open house is coming up - if you haven't met them yet, please feel free to introduce yourself.

DR. NICOLE MACTAVISH - Superintendent & Director

Big picture

Nicole has served in the public education and non-profit sector for over 25 years. While married to an active duty Naval Aviator, Nicole had the opportunity to work around the world, serving students. Nicole now serves as the Superintendent of the Patricia A. Hannaford Regional Technical School District in Middlebury.

Nicole started her education career while still in college, running a non-profit arm of the University of Washington, which offered enrichment courses to the community, while also serving as a GED instructor at the downtown Seattle YMCA.

Upon graduation, Nicole started her K-12 career as a high school counselor and then as a high school English teacher and Associated Student Body advisor in Washington. From there, Nicole served as an assistant principal and principal at both the middle and high school levels in Washington and Oregon.

Nicole then had the opportunity to move overseas, where she ran a Boys and Girls Club of America for the United States Army in Germany.

Nicole then moved back to the United States, starting her work at the district level, serving the roles of secondary Special Education Director in Washington and later as a Curriculum Director in Idaho. From there, she became an Assistant Superintendent in Idaho, a Deputy Superintendent in Washington, and a Chief Academic Officer in Oregon.

Nicole then took a position in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, working for the United States Army, overseeing the K-12 school system, the Child Development Center, and the School Age Centers on USAG Kwajalein Atoll.

The lure of working with CTE at PAHCC brought Nicole back to the United States, where she now lives in Middlebury with her husband and son, who attends Middlebury Union High School, and their lovable but neurotic border collie.

Nicole has two bachelor’s degrees, one in English Literature and one in Communications, and a master’s degree in Education from the University of Washington. Nicole earned her doctorate in education from Seattle University and her Urban Superintendent credential through a joint program of the American Association of School Superintendents and Howard University. Nicole is also credentialed in Human Resources and as a CTE Director.

DR. WENDY PRATT - Assistant Director

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We are happy that Wendy has returned to PAHCC as our Assistant Director. She was with us from 2015 to 2022 as our Curriculum Coordinator and Math Coach. Wendy has worked as an educator for over 20 years and has held many leadership and administrative positions throughout her career. She has taught middle school through college-level students both in the classroom and online.

Wendy has a strong technical background and extensive experience in being a woman leading in male-dominated fields. Her education started at Vermont Technical College (Now Vermont State University), where she got her AE in Computer Technology and AE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology.

She then made her move into teaching after getting her BA in Mathematics from Norwich Univerity, followed by her MS in Education from the University of New England (UNE). She showed her belief in lifelong learning when she went back to school again and obtained her EdD in Educational Leadership from UNE.

Wendy has lived in Vermont her whole life and loves small-town living. She dedicated many years of her life to community service while raising her two children with her husband in Rochester. She now has two grandchildren (with a third on the way!) and is about to move to Middlebury with her brother and her three chocolate labs.

DR. JOY VERPLANCK - Assistant Director to Adult Education & Curriculum

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Joy comes to us most recently from the Neuroleadership Institute, where she was the Global Head of Learning Technology and Innovation. She has worked domestically and internationally, developing and implementing world-class training programs for first responders, military, and law enforcement agencies. Joy also worked in Korea, training adults in simulated and live first responder fire exercises.

Joy is a veteran. She was a Captain in the US Army, and she speaks Korean. Joy earned her BA in Political Science from Salisbury University, her MS in Organizational Leadership and Instructional Design from Colorado State University, and her Doctorate in Educational Technology from Central Michigan University.


News πŸ“°

Women Can Do πŸ’ͺ

Students and staff from PAHCC attended β€œWomen Can Do!”; a statewide conference and job fair at VTSU.

Attendees had the opportunity to use teamwork to learn skills such as crosscut sawing, ascending a local fire ladder, intubating, and other medical skills. They also had a very special meeting with skilled craftspeople from our local area who operate A Revolutionary Press in New Haven.

A myriad of other exciting Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (and Medical) enterprises were represented at the conference by women in their field!

Big picture

Happy Halloween πŸ‘»

Our entire staff dressed up as Natural Resource Management instructor, Aaron Townshend!

Big picture

New Hire πŸŽ‰

I am happy to announce that someone many of you know has agreed to return to the PAHCC Team to help us part-time as our Grants and Partnership Coordinator.

David Robers will work between 10 and 20 hours a week, as his schedule allows, helping us with our numerous grants, and with the Makery and Teen Makery. David is currently consulting locally, helping businesses and non-profit organizations with strategy, grants, board development, and project management. David was the Adult Education Coordinator here at PAHCC from 2020-2022, and before that worked for Vermont Adult Learning. Welcome home, David!

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Happenings From Class 🏫

Human Services - Prenatal Development 🀰

Students in the afternoon Human Services Program wrapped up their prenatal development unit by sculpting the various stages of fetal development, beginning with conception and ending with a seven-and-a-half-pound baby. Students needed to stay true to average length and weight measurements, while also including important milestones such as limb, organ, hair, and fingernail development.

Ultimately, students produced and presented an accompanying slide show while showcasing their sculptures and discussing how both positive and negative influences can shape the course of development throughout these first nine months.

Big picture

Automotive Technology - Heritage Ford & Toyota πŸš—

Automotive Technology visited Heritage Ford and Toyota in South Burlington.

We saw their extensive Ford parts warehouse and service bays first. We witnessed many major overhauls being done in that shop. Next, we toured their detailing facility, where they detail their cars, as well as cars from the general public and other dealerships.

From there we went to their state-of-the-art body shop. They are the only certified Tesla body repair facility in the area.

In the Toyota shop, we observed them doing maintenance. We also saw a machine that you drive a vehicle into. Once inside, the machine takes a 360-degree picture, checks tire tread depth and alignment, and records all kinds of data about the vehicle. It was an excellent field trip that showed our students what a real-world, modern shop looks like.

Addison Repertory Theater (ART) - Story Theatre 🎫

In October, the actors of the Addison Repertory Theater traveled to Red Cedar School in Bristol and Bingham Memorial School in Cornwall to present the children's show Story Theatre. ART also traveled to Bridport for the final performance of the play.

ART traditionally starts the year with a children's show. These shows tend to be light on technical aspects and use a bare minimum of costuming and props. This way, actors must focus on vocal and bodywork - skills they will further develop as the year progresses. It also provides students the opportunity to practice marketing skills as students are responsible for contacting schools and scheduling performances.

Through the children's shows, ART brings theater to kids around Addison County. For many students in elementary school, this is their first chance to experience a live performance.

Introduction to STEM - Trebuchets 🎯

Students in Introduction to STEM tested their trebuchets for the first time this week. They are finding points for improvement during the testing phase for recorded launches next week and will make improvements for round two.

Big picture

Medical Professions - HOSA Fall Leadership Conference 🎀

On Thursday, October 12th, students from Jenn Baker’s Medical Professions program attended the HOSA Fall Leadership Conference held at Norwich University.

Students started the day with a welcome speech, introductions, and a business meeting led by state officers. One of those state officers is our own Emma Deering, a senior here at PAHCC. Students learned the HOSA Core Values and had many opportunities to learn about becoming a health professional.

Students were able to different workshops. Some workshop topics were: how to survive nursing school; careers in surgical technology; air ambulance and critical transport; skin cancers; rashes and procedures; the perioperative sphere; and mental health careers and pathways.

Big picture

Construction Technology 1 - Outdoor Classroom Project πŸ”¨

Students took advantage of the beautiful weather this week and finished up the platform for our outdoor classroom project in collaboration with Mary Hogan Pre-K. Students are seen here putting on the composite deck boards.

We learned valuable lessons in communication and working as a team. The next steps will be the post and beam frame along with a metal roof system.

Big picture

Construction Technology 2 - Tiny House 🏠

The second-year students in Construction Tech have been diligently working on their Tiny House project in collaboration with local not-for-profit Homes First VT. The students were able to show off their progress and craftsmanship at a weekend open house.

Students are close to finishing our interior paneling - tongue and groove pine. Our wood interior gives the Tiny House a warm feeling while providing a little more structural integrity as it travels down the road. A whitewash stain for the walls and a clear coat on the ceiling will provide a modern look.

Up next, we will be finishing the bathroom, electrical, and stairs and framing for the loft.

Mechanical Science - Oxy-Fuel Welding πŸ•ΆοΈ

Mechanical Science students are digging deeper into the metal unit. We introduced Oxy-Fuel cutting and heating. Some students began practicing this technique, while others continued to hone their skills with the stick, welding flat and vertical welds.

Our new Instructional Assistant, Julie Clark, has provided great support and instruction, as well as the ability to split the class into two sections with one of us working in the welding lab, and the other working in our shop with Oxy-Fuel torches and MIG welders. We can now simultaneously offer support and instruction at multiple places throughout the unit, meeting kids where they are and providing more opportunities to practice and advance.

Big picture

Natural Resource Management - Game of Logging πŸͺ΅

NRM students and faculty, joined by Superintendent Dr. MacTavish, spent two full days in the woods of Wright Park. Professionals from Northeast Woodlands taught students and staff in Game of Logging: a world-recognized training curriculum that teaches chainsaw skills.

This industry-recognized safety and technical training course is a true resume builder for students and is widely recognized as an Industry Recognized Credential.

These were days well spent - felling trees safely, efficiently, and in a quality manner. The trees will eventually be milled by these same students and used in their skidder bridge-building project.

Sustainable Agriculture - Farm to Plate Initiative 🌾 ➑️ 🍽️

Big friends in Sustainable Agriculture met little friends from the Addison County Parent Child Center (ACPCC) at Deep Roots Farm!

As a component of ACPCC’s Farm to Plate initiative, little friends were eager to learn about our goats and chickens and climb on our tractors and NRM’s heavy equipment.

Culinary Arts - Birthday Cake πŸŽ‚

Our culinary arts students surprised Financial Assistant Candace Jones for her birthday with a gorgeous (and tasty) birthday cake. The students made the cake and did a fantastic presentation to Candace, telling her about their creation.

Students also surprised Business Director Becca Goulet for her birthday! The chocolate cake with buttercream frosting was delicious!

The Glass Onion, the student-run restaurant is also undergoing some changes, so stay tuned for news from our kitchen!

Design & Illustration - Logos πŸ§…

Evva Dicovitisky in Design & Illustration presented multiple logo designs for members of The Glass Onion to consider as part of their rebranding effort. Evva worked independently with their client to revise and refine the final design.

Evva is also currently working on redesigning the A.R.T. logo - stay tuned!

Big picture

Engineering and Architecture - Restaurant Design 🍴

The Engineering and Architecture class has been working on a project with Chef Jill for the past couple of weeks, helping to prepare plans for reconfiguring the restaurant space.

The students started by field measuring the existing conditions in the restaurant and worked on hand-drafting floor plans and building an architectural model to show their ideas.

Now they are digging into industry guidelines on restaurant seating layout, fire code capacity, handicapped accessibility, functional layout of the service station, and traffic flow patterns. The architectural model of the restaurant is under construction, and we held a coordination meeting with Chef Jill to follow up on some details.

Big picture

Visual Communications - Cartooning ✍️

Cartoonist Ellis Rosen, a former student of Lisa Rader’s, joined the Visual Communications classroom via Zoom to kick off our cartooning and animated gif unit. Ellis talked with students about his work and career, sharing back stories for his cartoons that have appeared in The New Yorker, Paris Review, and The Washington Post.

Big picture
Here are two Rosen cartoons that our students chose to share which we thought our Career Center friends would enjoy:
Big picture
Big picture

Diesel - Diagnostics 🚜

Jarod Richmond, a Hannaford Diesel alumnus from 2021, now a technician at Champlain Valley Equipment, visited with Diesel 1 students with a Magnum 250 to demonstrate diagnostics.

Big picture

Automotive & Diesel - Toyota Simulators πŸ’»

Diesel and Auto seniors are working on Toyota bug simulators in electrical/electronics.
Big picture

Sustainable Agriculture - Livestock Behavior πŸ€”

Sustainable Agriculture students are wrapping up the Livestock Behavior unit by studying Dr. Temple Grandin’s impacts on Autism advocacy and humane animal handling research. Students are shown β€œThinking in pictures.”

Big picture

Mechanical Science & Natural Resources - Tractors and Sawmills and Surveys (Oh My!)πŸ‘·

Students from Hayden Thomsen’s Mechanical Science classes and Aaron Townshend’s Natural Resources classes joined the North Campus team as students learned to drive tractors and operate other large equipment, how to survey, and how to use the portable sawmill.

Big picture
Big picture

Design & Illustration - Event Posters πŸͺ§

Several Design & Illustration students designed prototype posters for local and regional events:

Evva Dicovitsky (Sheldon Museum)

Robin Andrus (Addison County Chamber of Commerce)

Robin Chamberlain (Middlebury Skate Park Mini Meetups)

Jeremy Holzhammer (Higher Ground)

Avery Vant (P.A.L.)

Monse Garcia-Ramirez (Viva El Sabor)

Joyce Ross (Trunk or Treat)

Ashka Violi (The HUB)

Sustainable Agriculture - Chainsaw Safety πŸͺš

Vermont Family Forests, a Bristol-based forest education non-profit, generously offered PAHCC 3 seats in a Basic Chainsaw Operation and Maintenance class.

Sustainable Agriculture students Toby Tillotson, Mackenzie Chase, and Alex Henley signed up for the spots and completed the 8-hour training in Lincoln last week taught by Northeast Forest Training instructor David Birdsall.

Mackenzie took her turn cutting a "cookie" to practice safe and accurate technique and all three students showed their products. Many thanks to Sandra Murphy at Vermont Family Forests for making this possible for these students.

Big picture
Big picture

Industrial Design & Fabrication - Hazelett Metal Casting πŸ“

Students in Kyle Trudo's Industrial Design & Fabrication class took a trip to Hazelett in Colchester.

Hazelett is a global leader in the design and manufacture of continuous casting machines. Students were able to observe how a large operation casts aluminum, copper, lead, and zinc.

This picture shows students Jimmy and Mike with Hazelett's Manufacturing Engineer Dan Gleason.

Big picture

Construction Technology - Maple Landmark 🍁

Construction Tech 1 was invited to visit the Maple Landmark woodworking factory in Middlebury this week.

The students got a behind-the-scenes tour of a successful Vermont business that has grown from the ground up. We learned how they transform rough stock hardwood into a valuable product.

Thank you to Mike Rainville and the team for making one of our favorite visits every year happen!

Big picture

Diesel - Electric Vehicle Safety πŸ”Œ

Diesel Instructor Gretchen Cotell attended an Electric Vehicle safety class presented by Vermont Clean Cities Coalition and hosted by Green Mountain Transit. Jacob Sturtevant, a PAHCC Diesel alumnus from 2020, also attended the class as the University of Vermont's newest fleet technician!

Big picture

Introduction to Agricultural Sciences - Cider & Salsa πŸ₯«

Intro to Agriculture has been doing lots of fun things in October.

Students visited a vegetable farm and apple orchard. They also participated in cider-making and canning salsa.

Big picture

Natural Resources & Intro to Ag - Land Judging 🌱

11th and 12th grade students from Natural Resource Management and 9th and 10th grade students from Introduction to Agriculture took a trip to Vermont State University (formerly Vermont Technical College).

Both classes engaged with land judging - testing soil textures, permeability, drainage, and ultimate growth potential for agricultural and other uses. The students competed against students from around the state. PAHCC scored the highest in the state!

Big picture
Big picture

Engineering & Architecture - Balloon-Powered Car 🎈

CAD 2 students in Carl Crawford's class are finishing up a unit where they designed and built a balloon-powered car. They designed the car in the CAD software, 3D printed it, tested it, and then refined and improved their designs.

Lily Root created this outstanding design that worked very well. She had to refine her design several times, learning from what did not work well in the prototypes. Lily's creativity, self-motivation, design mindset, tenacity, and spatial visualization skills are exceptional. She inspires me and pushes me to create more challenging projects for the students to practice the engineering design method.

Big picture

Sustainable Agriculture - Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition 🌽

Sustainable Agriculture students visited Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition in New Haven. They were hosted by PAHCC Sustainable Agriculture alumna, Jordan Hubbell, who is now the Quality Assurance Manager. Students learned about careers in feed manufacturing and toured the facility.

Big picture

Human Services - Designing a Play Space πŸ›

Students in the morning Human Services class have been busy applying their observation skills this week.

Each student has spent a morning in the Addison County Parent-Child Center's PlayLab, objectively documenting their observations of preschoolers. Data collected will be used to help students design a developmentally appropriate play space next door.

Big picture

Diesel 1 - Engine Overhaul πŸ—œοΈ

Diesel 1 students have been working on shop engine measurements for their overhaul unit.

Big picture

Natural Resource Management - Watershed Science 🐟

NRM has been very busy this month! In addition to the things already highlighted above, the students have also done units in watershed science and wildlife habitats.
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