Weekly Message

VOLUME 1 ISSUE 20 ~ 4.27.15

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TCAP Testing @ East

The Exploratory teachers will be out of the building Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They will be at East elementary proctoring. There will be no exploratory for 1st grade tomorrow only and no exploratory for Preschool Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday due to TCAP Testing @ East.

Lunch Fees

If you have not made your lunch account current, please pay it as soon as possible. All accounts must be paid in full on Friday, May 15. After that date there will be no more charging.


Your self scores and evidence is due on May 1. If you have questions see your peers. I've had several turn their information in.


Do not send students to the restroom unattended. We are having issues with stopped toilets and accidents on the floor, several times a day. A lot of this is due to children being sent alone.

Hallway and Classroom Behavior

I am not pleased with the students' behavior in the hallway. Apparently my expectations have not been clear. They are to be quiet at all times unless they are in transition for Reading Mastery. They are not to be unattended. Teachers please be ready to pick students up from lunch and exploratory on time. When kids are unattended, they are more likely to get in trouble. During dismissal. Bus students need to be walked to their location quietly with an adult and car riders need to be walked quietly to the preschool hallway. I'm one man and me a couple of others cannot not make them be quiet alone. We need to do this collectively. If you do not have duty, you can at least help keep them quiet in the hallways while they are in route.

These are the last days. Please keep your students busy and working at all times. If this is being done, you will not have a lot of misbehavior.

Thanks for your help with this.

Leadership Team Meeting will be Thursday @ 3:15 in the conference room.

PLC's have been moved to Thursday.

I appreciate you ALL! Have an AWESOME week!