The Great Depression

"I was lucky to have a job that paid 25 cents"


Sally was the oldest daughter of John and Helen Blessing. Sally loved her little sister Gabby and would also take time out of her schedule to spend time with her. When the Great Depression hit her family was devastated. As a result of the Great Depression Sally was close to losing her home and also had a shortage of food. Sally had to go to the streets to beg for a job. She had her childhood taken away from her and in return she had a very stressful time as a child.
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Gabby is six years old and is the younger sister of Sally. She is the daughter of John and Helen Blessing. During the great depression she missed the vacations that they used to take and she never really understood what was really happening. Since she was six years old she didn't really have any concern for money.
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John comes home to his family and must deliver the devastating news. “I lost my job", he said when he got home. John originally work at banker as had a great passion for his job. When he lost his job he began to panic and try find another job. When he found his new job he was relived to support his family again.
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Helen was the mother of Gabby and Sally Blessing. When John lost his job she knew her family was going to go poor. She cared for her two daughters very much. She encouraged them to be themselves and to fight for what they want. She worried day and night during the Great Depression
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