Brand Image for Your Business


At lifeisawesome, our team always strikes to produce the best output for our clients with latest designs, techniques and variant marketing approach. Some of our designing approaches are discussed here briefly as follows


It is one type of short written report about particular issue or matter for what actually happens in the organization or company. These letters will send to all members of the organization on the basis of weekly or monthly or daily. It contains direct information in mostly one or two pages itself. Lifeisawesomegives you the latest related news as well as a list of latest Upcoming news, open and closed public offers with issue size, relevant dates and price band that connect business & economy to everyday decisions and encourage fresh thinking. We present these letters with updated matters by using latest equipment at cheaper cost and 100% guarantee in delivering the matter according to the requirement of the client.


It is main part of the letter paper consists of a name and an address and a logo or photo of the company or individuals. Lifeisawesomeprovide customers with professionally produced high letterheads at affordable prices. We are having Letterhead Template’s professional designers have the years of experience in graphic design, programming and template design. We printed in full color, on both sides of the paper and there is no extra charge for inside color of letter and using printfinity to print a different image or design on the back of every single one. We can use a superfine paper for designing a letterhead. We prefer to create in a word processor or other software application.

Business Card:

Lifeisawesome, a well established designing company located in South Africa. It creates business cards in a professional way by using latest technology. We were bearing business information about a company or individual. Traditionally many cards were simple black text on white paper, but today a professional business card will sometimes include one or more of striking web design. It will design the high quality business cards without full- color photographs and are normally printed using spot colors and more spot colors can be added depending on the needs of the customers. We are now designing these cards in low cost effective price to print business card with decent color along with client’s business image.

Logo Design:

Logo designing is always a challenging job for every graphic designer. Lifeisawesome is having some of the famous brands logos were created with effective and descriptive messages in it. We are offering logos simple & more effective with brand apparel look and each part of logo has a valuable meaning. We create logos by using modern equipment and provide high quality results according to the requirement of our customers. Logo will represents the companies’ motto to look forward and not back in shortly. It symbolizes the logo with the integration of digital technology. It will give more importance for color and shape of the logo image.