by Maggie Schilling

History of Starbucks

The history of Starbucks is the reason it raised in fame, Starbucks is nationally known company. Howard Schultz is the reason it raised to fandom he is the founder of the company.Howard Schultz started this company by buying the company from Baldwin and Bowker. Schultz started this company in seattle, Washington. He brought it in 8/5/1987. He bought this company to have a nationally known brand that has good coffee and was friendly to its customers. Howard Schultz is the reason the company is what it is today. Schultz made the impact and change.

Progression of Starbucks

The start up to the company was not always easy. There was changes to the company on it way to fame. The company started and it only sold coffee. There were a few locations in Seattle at the beginning. Changes come along, like he took Starbucks out of Seattle and took it to Chicago, than California, and than making it way to New York finale making it nationallly known. Secondly, coffee prices went up and coffee got more expensive. They also changed the the bag so it is mote air type making easier to travel to their far locations. The company has changed and now they serve cold drinks like frappuccinos. Also now you can buy stock into the company meaning that you can buy portion of the company. Starbucks is know all around the world, the company has changed and now by inventing the cold drink (frappuccinos) that everyone likes. Also, now it is known as a nation wide brand. The company has changed for the better.

The impact on society

The impact that Starbucks has made on the world is a great thing. The impact on society is that people know they should pay there employees better and they will be more friendly and kind. The evidence is they put most of there money into there service , they also give money for insurance with that they can get a collage plan where they work at Starbucks so long and then they get a scholarships. Also, the people who work there are more friendly and also they have a foundation that gives money to charity. Life without Starbucks would mean no Frappuccinos. Starbucks has had a big impact on the society.

Important person for Starbucks

Many people have started up a company and failed but some don't they have the right person that started it all. Howard Schultz started this beloved company Starbucks. His reason for starting Starbucks is to have a nationally known brand that had good coffee and was friendly to its customers. Some things you might not know about him he was born in Brooklyn, New York. Also, he went Northan Michigan university. Finally , he had not had much coffee before Starbucks. Also, he resigned from Star bucks because he was just exhausted then he went back 8 years later because he felt thing were not being handled right. Many people do not have what it takes to start a company but Howard Schultz did.
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Starbucks products

Products are the main reason why company succeed.Starbucks best drink there is the frappuccions. The most import product sold there is the coffee. The coffee is promoted by snob affect. The many companies who have succeeded it is their product that helped them
Starbucks Commercial