The Italian Culture


Italian is viewed as the language of love , poetry and song . Considered to be closest to Latin in terms of vocabulary . It is spoken in Italy , San Marino , Switzerland , America and other European countries .


  • Family is very important . They tend to have many children due to the strong Roman Catholic tradition.
  • Great pride in social intercations , good reputation and approval from peers .

Meal structure

  • Aperitivo opens a meal .
  • Antipasto is slightly heavier started (cold food) ex: sandwich like foods , vegetables
  • Primo is the first course (hot food) ex: pasta , soup and broth or crespelle
  • Secondo is meats and types of fish ex:sausage , pork , zampone ,lobster
  • Contorno is the side dish served along with secondo . Consists of vegetables raw ,cooked , hot or cold . Served in a separate plate never on the same plate as meat .
  • Insalata fresh garden salad
  • Formaggi e frutta cheeses and fresh seasonal fruit
  • Dolce dessert ex: zuppa ,inglese , cake , pandora , gelatto
  • Caffè coffee is often drunk at the end of the meal
  • Digestivo also called ammazzacaffe served after coffee is the drink to conclude the meal ex: grappa ,limocella or fruit / herbal drinks


  • During proposal , groom will typically serenade her first then present her with the ring because diamonds were created by flames of love
  • Sundays are luckiest
  • Wearing green the night before brings good luck
  • Don't wear gold the night before or day of because it brings bad luck
  • Receives challenges of fallen broom , crying baby testing skills before marriage
  • Traditional tarantella dance of spider involves light and quick movements with passionate hand gestures
  • Bake cakes or some other baked goods as thank you


  • Strangers you shake good day and shake hands with
  • Friends and families kiss the right then the left cheek


  • Don't make a fist with your index finger it signifies Cornuto meaning your partner is betraying you .
  • Uses their hands a lot when speaking

Table manners

  • Hostess is the first to sit at the table , eat and get up when finished
  • No hands on lap , and don't rest elbows on table

Relationships and communication

Face to face contact is prefered


  • Grocery stores customs - put on little plastic gloves when you put produce into a bag
  • No carpets
  • No patience for lines , first come first serve , always cutting


Mafia jokes , which they hate a lot


  • Not very religious even though its the catholic capital
  • Church attendance is relatively low, but the influence is very high
  • Many office buildings have crosses or religious statues in lobbies


  • Malocchio meaning evil eye described as a curse
  • Many Italians wear a horn shaped charm on a necklace for protection
  • Having birds and bird feathers is bad luck , having the evil eye on them
  • ill health to shave on Friday
  • Friday the 17th as an ill fated day
  • No housework done on January 6th , day of epiphany witch called La Beferna
  • At 12 midnight on new years eve eating lentils is good luck


  • In 1986 was the first internet connection experimented in Pisa , which was the 3rd in Europe after Norway and England
  • Radio : first communication signal was in 1895 by Guglielmo Macconi . Today radio waves are broadcast from thousands of stations
  • Tv : fist form of television media was introduced in 1939