Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

By : Emma Pourshah

Multiplying Decimals

You really don't think about how we use multiplying decimals in the real world. So I'm going to tell you about some of them. Like when you order 3 lemonades and your waitress multiples the cost so she can get the answer on how much you spent quick. Another way you multiply decimals is when you have how much gas cost per gallon and you know how much your car can hold ( gallons ). So when you want to fill up your car you know how much it will cost. One more way you can multiply decimals is when you measure or make food when you measure how much you put in it you are using fraction which are the same as decimals. When you make a double batch you just doubled it. Say it called for 1 cup of flour you would multiply it by 2.

Dividing Decimals

When you learn at school " dividing decimals " you never think when you will use it in the real world. One way you could divide decimals is by splitting money. Say you and a friend are out having a meal together at a restaurant and you and your friend split the bill.

Another way you could divide decimals is say I had a bag of 10 apples. The bag was $ 7.69. How much does each apple cost. If you were trying to find that out you would be dividing decimals. One more way is gas. When you get the total cost or how much you paid and divide it by the number on how many gallons you get. Then you will get the cost of one gallon.