Healthcare Proposal

Team Dynamics in Health Care

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The Dynamic 8 is a group of students formed together through the Team Dynamics course at Lewis University, a Health Care Leadership accelerated program.

We are happy to share our support in the transformation of this course by using data to create recommendations that will be beneficial to future students.

What is our purpose?

The Dynamic 8 exists to transform the Project Management and Team Dynamics in Healthcare course from a five week session to an eight week blended course to enhance the learning experience of future students by utilizing student recommendations.

Data Needs

When it comes to collecting data, the team came together to identify exactly what was needed. Brainstorming, Effective Listening and Creative Thinking are key components in obtaining and analyzing accurate data.

With this, we composed several questions and created a survey on Survey Monkey which was used to gather important information from prior students and the course instructor, while also using our own experiences as a source for useful data.

Data Analysis

The survey results were assessed for validity, reliability, objectivity, and sufficiency. Once this was confirmed, comparisons were made between the historical, current student, and the course instructor survey responses to extract the most agreed upon topics to support enhancing the learning experience of future students.

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Our Recommendations

More time spent on the following team concepts:
  • Healthcare project proposal
  • work breakdown structure
  • creating surveys
  • choosing data sources

More time spent on the following team tools:

  • Goal setting
  • SWOT analysis

Addition tools are added such as:

  • Google Docs
  • Smore
  • Survey Monkey

Most useful tools:

  • Project management plan (PMP)
  • Virtual communication (Blackboard)

The following should be taught virtually:

  • Project management plan
  • Goal setting
  • Parker Team Analysis

The following should be taught in the classroom:

  • Identifying task and transactional
  • Work break down structure (WBS)

Reformatting the course layout

  • Focus on week six: collaborative data analysis
  • Focus on week seven: develop recommendations/SWOT analysis

Google Docs Instructional Guide

In the 8 week blended course much of the students time will be spent on Blackboard and utilizing tools such as Google docs which is essential to this course.

Previous and current students were surveyed on the usefulness of a Google Doc Instructional guide which resulted in a 100% rating that the tool was extremely useful.
GooGle Docs video
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In conclusion, we have provided information detailed with data, recommendations, and the team’s SWOT analysis. With this project it is important that you consider all sources provided, we assure you that we have chosen the most accurate data and believe the transition will be beneficial to the Health Care Leadership program and future students enrolled in the Team Dynamic course.