Spin a Pin!!!

A New "spin" on Pinner of the Month!

Pinner of the Month for May!!!

Throughout the year we have selected Pinner of the Month by keeping track of points for "pinning", "liking", and "following" on the CASD Technology Integration Pinterest page. THIS month we are adding a new "spin" on the contest!

Did you Know You Can Send Pins on Pinterest!!???

For May's Pinner of the month, all you have to do is Send me a technology integration pin!

  1. Log in to Pinterest (Create an account if you haven't already)
  2. Find a technology integration Pin -Be Creative!
  3. Instead of Clicking "Pin it", click on "Send"
  4. Type CASD Technology Integration into the search box and select it when it appears below. Your pin is sent!
  5. Every pin received by CASD Technology Integration will be placed on a spinner. The winner will be selected at the end of the contest

Spin a Pin

Wednesday, May 20th, 1:30pm

This is an online event.

On payday in May at 1:30, I will spin for the Pinner of the month! I will record it and post it on our Pinterest page! Directions for entry are found above!