Much Ado About Nothing

Danielle Mihalski

Casting the Characters


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Act II, scene i

The scene of the mask ball was a very important part. It started the conflicts between characters as well as introduced how the characters would act throughout the rest of the play. Hero and Beatrice discuss their idea of the perfect man. This exchange leads into a conversation about whether or not Beatrice will ever get a husband, and Beatrice claims that she will not. Then Don Pedro dances with Hero and begins to flirt with her but its suppose to be winning her over for Claudio. Benedick dances with Beatrice, who either does not recognize him. She insults Benedick thoroughly to her dancing partner but deep down we know that the two have a connection. Don John also decides to make Claudio jealous by making him think that Don Pedro has decided to win and keep Hero for himself instead of giving her to Claudio as he had promised. However, Don John's plan is ruined because the truth comes out and Claudio and Hero will marry. This moves the plot along by seeing a for shadow of what Don John wants to do and his motivations.
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Act II, scene ii

Don John has learned of the upcoming marriage of Claudio and Hero, and he wishes that he could find a way to prevent it. Don John’s servant Borachio devises a plan. He suggests that Don John go to Claudio and Don Pedro and tell them that Hero is not a virgin. In order to prove this accusation, Don John will bring Don Pedro and Claudio below the window of Hero’s room on the night before the wedding where they should hide and watch. On the balcony outside Hero’s room, Borachio will make love to Margaret who will be dressed in Hero’s clothing. Very pleased with the plan, Don John promises Borachio a large reward if he can pull it off and prevent the planned wedding.

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Summary: Act II, scene iii

Benedick’s friends create a plan to get Benedick and Beatrice to fall in love. They know that Benedick is currently wandering around in the garden, wondering if a man like him can fall in love. Suddenly, Benedick hears Don Pedro, Claudio, and Leonato approaching, and he decides to hide among the trees in the arbor and eavesdrop. Don Pedro and Claudio, noticing him there, confer quietly with each other and decide it's time to carry out their plan. They begin to talk loudly, pretending that they have just learned that Beatrice has fallen in love with Benedick. She dares not tell Benedick for fear that he would make fun of her for it. They all agree that Benedick would be a fool to turn her away.


Brett Eldredge - Mean To Me (Lyrics)

"Mean to me"

The overall theme however that I picked was love because Claudio fell in love with Hero at first sight. The things Claudio said when he saw Hero are some of the things that appear in the song. Claudio loves Hero so deeply without even meeting her and this song shows things that would mean so much to the person without meeting them yet. Another example of love would be between Beatrice and Benedick. Once they realize that they love each other Benedick comes through with his emotions like some of the words in the song.