Beaver Tales

January Edition (Volume 128, Issue 6)

School Update

As we wrap up the 2020 year, we want to wish all of our families a wonderful and restful Christmas break!

Thanks goes out to Janet Revheim and Lyndse Bullard for coordinating the annual Christmas Shoppe and to Amy Crouch and Tom Fields for coordinating the drive-in movie nights. Our next drive-in movie night will be this Saturday, December 19, at 5:30.

Students also had a great time decorating their classroom door for our annual holiday contest. Congratulations to the classes of Mr. Collord, Mr. Lawson, Mrs. Podesta, and Mrs. Flagg for winning the door contest. See the picture gallery below for a look at all the doors. Great job students!

We would like to welcome Nezerra Tackett to a seat on the School Board and Lyndse Bullard who is continuing. Information about other business conducted during the recent Board meeting is below.

A reminder that our first week back from Christmas break we will be back in distance learning mode. Teachers will be providing instruction online Tuesday through Friday of this week (Monday is a non-student day). As long as we have staff and no state/county mandates, students will be returning to in-person instruction on Monday, January 11th. Keep an eye on our website for any updates.

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Spirit- Wear Items Available

We have an online school-spirit-item catalogue which can be accessed by clicking HERE. We'll also be sending home paper catalogues after the break (or you can click below to open the PDF version of the catalogue). You can also access the link above from our website. These items make good Christmas gifts (although we know we are late getting these items available).

Enrollment Opening for the 2020/2021 School Year

As expected, our enrollment is down for the current school year due to COVID. We are projecting a school enrollment of around 235 students for the upcoming school year. In order to maintain our current level of staff and services, we are hoping to return to an enrollment of 255 students.

Please help us spread the word about our school and encourage your neighbors and friends to check us out. We are always open to giving interested parents tours. A wait list has been established for the upcoming school year.

2021/2022 School Year Calendar

The School Board approved the 21/22 school calendar below:

Board Meeting Information

Business conducted during the last Board Meeting:

  1. Welcome to Nezerra Tackett who was appointed to a position on the Board.
  2. The Board approved moving all future meeting start times to 6:00 pm as well as continuing to hold their meetings on the third Tuesday of each month (except during February when we are on break).
  3. Jim Brimble was elected the new Board President, Kim Christofferson was elected as the Board Clerk, and Lyndse Bullard was elected to represent the Board on the EdFoundation Board.
  4. The Board approved the 1st Interim budget report. This report is available online. We are projecting a $43,000 deficit spending for this year. This was anticipated with the additional costs of addressing COVID. Deficits are also projected for the upcoming two school years. The Board will be developing a plan for addressing these deficits in the upcoming months.
  5. The Board approved the 20/21 LCFF Budget Overview for Parents.

Business to be conducted at the upcoming Board Meeting (January 19 @ 6:00 pm at NCC):

  1. Review and approval of School Safety Plan.
  2. Begin looking at the staffing plan for the upcoming 21/22 school year.

Resources for Parents

Girl Scouts Invitation

Below is an invitation for girls to attend a free Simple Science Girl Scout event to be held in January.
School Website

Use this link to access the school's webpage for the most current information.

Aeries Student/Parent Portal

Parents with students in grades 4-8 may use the link above to access the student information portal. Not much to see just yet. However, it would be great if parents can make sure their login works.

Contact Information

Board Members

Jim Brimble, Board President

Kim Christofferson, Clerk

Nezzera Tackett, Member

Erika Callegari, Member

Lyndse Bullard, Member