Bear Notes-Week 2

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a note from the principal...


What an awesome first week of school. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and is ready for Week 2. I apologize for the lateness of the staff notes but, I got caught up in Season 4 of Scandal, yep it's on Netflix just in case you didn't know. :-) But anyway, as we look ahead to this week note that our focus will continue to be on classroom culture specifically TEI indicator 3.1. Habits, routines and procedure should guide your classroom and give scholars the structure needed to perform at high levels. As you will remember from our PD session on classroom management it is the expectation that every classroom have a philosophy and a classroom management plan. This philosophy and plan should drive the day-to-day actions of you and your scholars. Below I have attached a resource on the importance of giving scholars warnings (which should be a part of any good plan) and how to give them effectively.

Make it a great week. You have the power to make it happen!


TEI - Focus 3.1 Maximizes instructional time

As we visit classrooms this week the focus will be on 3.1 Maximizing instructional time. Below is what a proficient classroom should look like:

Little loss of instructional time due to inappropriate or off-task student behavior.

Routines, rules and proceduresare consistently implemented and run smoothly with some prompting from the teacher.

Transitions that run smoothly with some teacher direction.

Students are rarely idle while waiting for the teacher. Students who finish assigned work early usually have something meaningful to do.

Praises positive behavior and, if necessary, corrects off-task behavior in a manner that is timely, specific, and sensitive to individual student needs.

Upcoming Events

Monday, August 31st - No PD - 5th Monday

*Tuesday, September 1st Mandatory Confidentiality Training/Activity Fund Training - 3:45 - 4:15 - Computer Lab (see email for Activity Fund PowerPoint)

Tuesday, September 2nd - GLP and Associates in Staff Lounge 10:30am - 1:00pm

*Wednesday, September 2nd Mandatory Confidentiality Training/Activity Fund Training - 3:45 - 4:15

Wednesday, September 2nd - Grade Level PLC's during planning in team leaders' classrooms

Friday, September 4th - Black out date

Friday, September 4th - Jeans Friday - pay $2.00 to wear jeans

Monday, September 7th - No School - Labor Day

Tuesday, September 8th - Black out date

*Choose one of the two options Sept. 1st or Sept. 2nd

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