Healthy Relationship

By Susan

Ways you can build up a healthy relationship

These are ways that you can build up a healthy relationship. 1) Honest, you have to be honest with each other so he/she can trust you. 2) Respect, especially respect each other privacy. 3) Caring, you need to take care for each other and be there when he/she need you. 4) Communicate, you need to talk and listen to he/she to understand they want or need.

Honest and respect

You need to be honest and respect each other privacy. Sometimes there are things that are very hard to say, but if you don't be honest at the first time, it will get worse when he/she find it out by their own. Honest might make he/she sad but you don't want he/she to get disappoint when they find out that you're lie to them. You also want to respect their own privacy because they have the right to keep there private things. But you need to know the differences between being honest and keep your own privacy.

Caring and communicate

When your partner is sick or having trouble, the first one that they will think of is you. So you always want to be there and take care for them. The most important of all, communicate. Because your partner always want to spend time to communicate with you to express what they want you to listen.
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healthy relationship!

1.Honest 2. Respect 3.Caring 4.Communicate