Chat with Chip

Instructions on how to access Mr. Chappell's blog

Chat with Chip is a blog within the Gaggle web site

Go to SISD homepage and click on the Gaggle icon near the bottom of the page.
If you have never been in Gaggle: To log in
Your school
Your school password


Go to Applications within Gaggle-> they will be listed in the left hand tool bar.
Click on Blog
You will see your own blog that Gaggle has set up for you.
On the right hand side, you will see Blog Controls

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Click on Blog Lookup. Type in robert chappell. Make sure the email/name toggle is selected. Look for Chat with Chip in the Blog Name column. Click on the Add to Favorites link in the Action column.

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After you have added Chat with Chip to your favorites, you will notice it in the right section of your blog page, called My Favorites.

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To Comment on Mr. Chappell's blog

If you would like to add a comment:
Click on Add Comment.
Type your comment in the box.
Click on Post

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If you want to edit your comment:
Click on the edit comment icon at the top of the page.

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Problems logging in to Gaggle

If you have problems logging in to Gaggle, please let me know. I will reset your password.
Gaggle is synced with PowerSchool so it is updated every day. New students should be added as soon as they are enrolled.