GWPS Tech Times

Term 3, Week 2

Web Tool of the week


Easily create interactive images with direct links to websites. You can also add in your own text, picture, sound or video. Click on the images below to see how Thinglink has been used in the classroom.

iPad app of the week

ABA Flash Cards & Games - Emotions

A fun, simple, and easy way to learn to recognise emotions.

- 8 different play modes to show the flashcards anyway you like. Play modes include (image only, word only, flashcard only, word then flashcard, word then image)

Free to download on the App Store.

ABA Flash Card

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Literacy websites of the week

Highlights Kids

Play it! Read it! Make it! Share it! This site has a variety of activities for children. The Read it section has animated and non-animated stories, factual articles, poetry and comics.

Highlights Kids

We Give Books

We Give Books is an initiative started by Penguin Group and Pearson Foundation. Create a free account and have access to thousands of books which you can then read on-line - picture books, fiction and non-fiction. Great to use on the interactive whiteboard for whole class reading time. Everytime you read a book, the organisation donates a book to a project around the world.