NBFT Local 871 - September 2017 - Volume 71, Issue 1

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Union News

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Contract Ratification Vote

On August 21, 2017, the NBFT voted YES to contract ratification with 665 members out of a possible voting membership pool of 787 voting.
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NBFT Executive Board Members take part in Back to School Bash

With the 2017-2018 school year almost underway, NBFT Executive Board Members manned the NBFT booth at the Back to School Bash on August 23rd, 2017 to kick off the new school year right! NBFT Executive Board members pictured (from left to right) Charles Carey, Dave Devost, Jackie Escales, and Steve Gray.


Compiled by Jennifer Meister


The Union extends its condolences to the following staff members:

Amber Gaurino (DiLoreto) on the loss of her 18 year old son, Austin Sanetrik, to cancer this summer; Allison Thurston (DiLoreto) on the passing of her mother; Pat Kzikowski (Lincoln) mother-in-law's passing; Mary-Kate Carroll (Slade) on the passing of her father; Jessica Dabkowski (Slade) on the passing of her mother and grandfather.

Marriages and Engagements

The Union extends congratulations to the following members:

Joanna Caneshi (DiLoreto) on her engagement; Jesse Hurlburt (Holmes) on his marriage; Russel Kunn (Holmes) on his marriage; Denise Marshall-Poole (Chamberlain) on her marriage.


The Union extends congratulations to the following members:

Eileen Marquez (Pulaski) and Carlos Blanco (NBHS) on the birth of their twin boys; Cari Lee (Holmes) on the birth of her daughter; Larry Rudnick (NBHS) and Stacey Rudnick (NBHS-Retired) on the birth of their twins (a boy and a girl); Dennis Accomando (NBHS) on the birth of his son; Jimmy Barbieri (Pulaski) and Carrie Barbieri (SCA) on the birth of their daughter.

Well Wishes

The Union extends well wishes to the following staff members:

Annie Servallee (Holmes) on medical leave; Gabriel Backiel (Pulaski-Retired) knee surgery.

Please forward any welfare news to Jennifer Meister at

Retiree Corner

Compiled by Joan Cromwell

The AFT CT is having a retirees conference on Wednesday, October 25th, 2017. Registration starts at 8:30 am and programs will run from 9:00 am to 2:00 am. Continental breakfast and lunch will be served as well as a raffle for door prizes (must be present to win). There is no charge to attend and it is being held at Manor Inn Restaurant, 1636 Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike, Plantsville, CT. For more information click on this link: To RSVP for the event, please do so before October 16th, 2017; click here to RSVP online: For more information call Laila Mandour at (860) 257-9782.

Retirees, please forward any information you would like added to Joan Cromwell at the NBFT Headquarters (See below for contact information).

Dear Fed

Dear Fed,

I've got issues for days!! From my prep period is being trespassed on, I have class overages and a lack of support from administration, who do I turn to for Union help?



Dear Issues,

Please see your building representative(s) to express your concerns. The Representatives, in turn, will bring up the issues to your building level Vice President who will deal with the issue at the building level and then involve the President on an as-needed basis. Representatives and Vice Presidents are in constant communication with the Union President and will bring all issues up, even if they are not necessarily union issues. Never hesitate to bring up any issue no matter how small you may think it is.



Please Report Name Changes!

If you have been hired at any point in the school year or have had a recent name change, you are asked to contact CSDNB Human Resources and NBFT Recording Secretary, Basia Maselek at so that the Union rolls are correct. This is important information that must be shared with AFT National to correctly calculate local, state and national dues. Thank you!

It's your Spotlight

If you have any suggestions, additions, or features you would like to see added, please do not hesitate to e-mail the Spotlight Editor, Sara Natrillo at

Union Directory


Sal Escobales

V.P. High School

Sue Humanick

V.P. Middle School

Charles Carey

V.P’s Elementary Schools

Jackie Escales and Stephen Gray

Recording Secretary

Basia Maselek

Executive Secretary

Dan Blanchard


William Sanford


Chris Gaetano


Dave Devost

Board Liason

Laura Skinner

Public Relations

Evelyn Hudyma


Jennifer Meister


Sara Natrillo