Level 3 Update

Liberty High School

Virtual Webcam Update

Our district has recently changed our practice in regard to webcams during virtual instruction. In most cases, we will be asking students to turn their cameras on during instruction. Google Meet allows students to change their backgrounds or blur their backgrounds if they would like. We feel this provides an additional level of privacy and therefore, will be asking students to utilize their camera during instruction. This allows us to communicate effectively with students and to ensure participation and attendance.

Virtual Attendance Update

Attendance will be recorded in SISK12 during level three for accountability purposes.

Teacher Contact

Teachers will be contacting students on how their class will work during Level 3 (ex. Checking Canvas, Google Meet Links, etc.).

Teacher E-Mails

Virtual Learning Schedule

Level 3 Virtual Block Calendar

Academic Support

Academic Support is a time for the teacher to provide support to specific students who are struggling as well as a time for a standing “office hour” period for all students to get additional help, make up assignments or assessments, or retake assessments as needed.