First Grade Weekly Update

Week of 9/19/2022 - 9/23/2022

Happy Monday Bear Creek Families!

Please be on the lookout for a signup genius for fall conferences later this week. Conferences can be either in person or via Zoom. Ms. Schmidt will be reaching out to those of you that were in her class to schedule conferences. We are looking forward to building strong connections with our new friends this week.

Dismissal: If your student will be going home a different way than normal contact the front office or your student's teacher before 2:00 pm to ensure a safe and efficient dismissal.


  • Remember a HEALTHY snack that is labeled with your students name. We have a later lunch this year so please remember to pack a snack.
  • We start our Morning Meeting at 7:50. Helpful if students are in the room by 7:50 each morning. Students that enter BCE after 7:50 will be marked tardy in the office.
  • Fall Conference Sign Ups will be coming soon.

What Are We Learning This Week?

Here is what we will be learning this week:

During writer's workshop, students will

  • continue to learn and use the writing process
  • continue to work on their descriptive essay drafts
  • edit for correct capitalization and punctuation
  • revise to include sensory words
  • complete the writing process for a descriptive essay
  • share their descriptive essay with the class

During language arts, students will

  • read and write words with letters w, j, y, v; short u
  • practice blending and segmenting sounds
  • read and write high frequency words: about, eat, how, make, out, put, takes, who
  • spell words with short vowel u
  • generate questions about text before, during, and after reading to deepen understanding and gain information
  • discuss author's purpose for writing text
  • identify the setting of a story (where and when the story takes place)

During math, students will

  • apply basic fact strategies to add and subtract within 20
  • use math strategies to effectively and efficiently solve problems
  • apply properties of operations to add and subtract

During science, students will

  • identify forms of energy and discuss the importance of thermal, light, and sound energy in everyday life

During social studies, students will

  • identify how people have practiced good citizenship

  • write about how an important citizen practiced good citizenship

Snack and Water Bottles

This is a friendly reminder to label your students snack with their name and water bottle!

First Grade Team