First Grade Weekly Update

Week 9: October 18-22

Happy Monday Bear Creek Families!

This week in first grade we will grow our relationship with our inner selves about how to promote positive self talk. On Mondays (if your class is not going to the library that week) your student will have the chance to return their library books and check out a new book. Please remember that students should NOT be bringing toys/stuffed animals to school. These are distracting as we learn during the day. First grade is requesting to supply your student with a pumpkin for the month of November.

Dismissal: If your student will be going home a different way than normal contact the front office or your student's teacher before 2:00 pm to ensure a safe and efficient dismissal


  • Please get your students at school before 7:50 am to begin our school day on time
  • Click on the link to fill out your students t-shirt size for a Bear Creek Elementary school shirt.
  • Virtual parent teacher conferences coming in October
  • Pumpkin donations
  • October 18th at noon grades will be uploaded
  • October 19th picture day
  • October 20th flu clinic
  • October 29th celebration (home room parents will be reaching out for help)

Pumpkin Donations

Monday, Oct. 18th, 8am to Friday, Oct. 29th, 3pm

12801 Escarpment Boulevard

Austin, TX

We will soon begin our very exciting pumpkin unit. We are asking for donations so that we can investigate pumpkins during this unit. We will observe pumpkins, learn about their life cycle, count seeds, and compare the attributes of different sized pumpkins. If you are able, please think about picking up a pumpkin during your next shopping trip. Any size, shape, texture will do. (The more unique the better!)

Pumpkins can be brought to school anytime between now, and October 29th.

Thank you in advance!

What Are We Learning This Week?

  • Math: Students will be able to count in various ways (1s, 2s, 5s, 10s) up to 120 and identify the patterns that exist.
  • ELA: Practice writing the consonants -ch ; Review Short a, i, o, u, e and writing using complete sentences with a plural subjects and verbs.
  • Reading: Building our reading fluency with short vowel sounds, final double consonant words and consonants ch along with retelling the beginning, middle and end of a story
  • Spelling Words: chin, chop, much, chip, rich, chick, shop, wish, rush, ship, girl (challenge word), boy (challenge word)
  • Sight words: be, here, me, play, started, today, use very
  • Science/Social Studies: I can describe whether an object is pushed or pulled by a magnet

Snack and Water Bottles

This is a friendly reminder to label your students snack with their name and water bottle! These months are hot. Lets keep those students hydrated!

First Grade Team