Cats Paw Staff

For the week of September 24th

Our first deadline is MONDAY!!

As in today!

Erika is taking JV Volleyball Pictures

Tuesday, Sep. 25th 2012 at 5:30pm

2463 Augusta Highway

Lexington, SC

Kayla is taking Swimming pictures

Wednesday, Sep. 26th 2012 at 6pm

5347 Sunset Boulevard

Lexington, SC

Photo Assignment Extension Contracts

Those of you who applied for an extension you're pictures are due Wednesday. Please try you're best!

Thank you to all the staffers! You're all working so hard! The beginning is always the hardest and it gets easier I promise!


Those of you who received spreads on the 20th of September (Josie, Chase, Frank, Brittany, and Lauren) those are due to Becca on the 27th of September.


If you are considering joining a club or are already a member of a club let me know so I can ask you about meetings or events.

People Features

We have a few more people features to get and then we will start the process of scheduling times to take their picture. After that you will get passes to hand back to people to get them out of class. Thanks for doing such an awesome job on those! It makes my job a lot easier

If anyone is free the 25th at 7 it would be wonderful if you could take V. Volleyball pictures. Come up to me if you are availiable. This will be an extra credit photo assignment.

Whitney's Birthday

Tuesday, Sep. 25th 2012 at 11:30pm

2463 Augusta Highway

Lexington, SC

Lauren you need to bring food for this.