Two Tributes in Love win the Games

The Hunger Games

Love is your strongest power

In the Hunger Games, love saves the two tributes from District 12 in the Hunger Games, when only one tribute is allowed to survive.

"He made you look desirable! And let's face it, you were as romantic as dirt until he said he wanted you. You're all they're talking about. The star-crossed lovers from district 12!"

This qoute from the book tells you that Peeta has a strong power, which is love. And Peeta and Katniss's love story helped them both win the war, which means love is their strongest weapon/power.

Two tributes of the same district win the Hunger Games and find out Love is their only strength to win

The Summary

Peeta and Katniss were very distant acquaintances, until the Hunger Games, where they found out they were madly in love with each other. Katniss was a strong hunter who only thought about feeding her family, not falling in love with anyone. But Peeta, the care-free boy changed Katniss entirely. Eventually, they both win the Hunger Games because of their love.

Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins wrote for many childrens' television since 1991. She was the head writer for Wow, Wow, Wubzy! and Clifford's Puppy Days. She also wrote Little Bear and Oswald. Her triolgy, the Hunger Games, became a huge success after she met James Proimos, a children's author, who talked her into giving childrens' books a try.

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