Это вкусно! - Module Twelve

November 16, четверг - READ ALL important information below

Что делать в четверг?

Conversation sessions - Attend your Conversation sessions.

  • I have sent grades to your schools on Tuesday. The grade sent included your work since the start of the semester. Make sure to check your grade book, read my comments and catch up on your work.
  • If there is some special situation going on with you that I need to know about, make sure to communicate with me. Your school does not inform me.
  • Thanksgiving week - we work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If you are taking time off make sure to get your work done. You can complete it early or late but you have to do it. As assignments are becoming past due I have to add "zeros" for all students.

Оn Thursday do the following:

This week we are learning how to talk about food in Russian.

  • Review Vocabulary in Module 12. I have created a new recording. See below
  • We are working in Module 12 and learning how to say in Russian what you like to eat.
  • Assignment Alert: At the end of this week you have a recording. Start working on it now so you have enough time to review sentences with your coach.

On the Background image today is very popular Russian grain "buckweat". It has nutty flavor and can be purchased in the international section of any grocery store here, in America. It is cooked like rice (2 cups of water, 1 cup of grain, a pinch of salt and some butter. More butter makes it awesome. This grain is very healthy superfood that is not known in America and is always recommended to people with diabetes in Russia as it is a complex carbohydrate and does not raise glycemic index (sugar level). It is very delicious!
Here is the recipe how to cook buckwheat

If you decide to cook Russian dish, please send me a picture that has you and a dish on it and describe how it tasted. I will give you 10 bonus points for trying!

Communicative situations: What do you eat?

Now all that vocabulary you have been learning will help you start talking about what you like to eat.

Also, in previous module you learned how to use verb "to like? in Russian when you talk about hobbies. You can also use the verb "to like" to say what food you like z
Click here to review how to conjugate the verb "to like" in Russian (produced with Screencastomatic)

The activity below will help you to prepare for the recording activity you have this week on Friday.

Lets practice reading the sentences about what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Repeat after the recording. When you can read the sentences fluently make up sentenecs about yourself and save them for your recording assignment.

Food you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner recording (Screencastomatic)

Big image

Hey, guys, this is an online class and I understand that technology does not work sometimes. You have to communicate with me and inform if something does not work for you. I always try to find plan B.

If Vocaroo does not work for you and there is no other way to record you can call me and record on my Voicemail. You have to send a text message letting me know that this is what you are planning to do so I let your call go to the Voicemail.

Kudos to James and Bronwyn for communicating with me and finding a plan B.

Need to reach your teacher

On the image: Moscow, Russia, near Red Square.