As Time Goes By

Eleanor De Fer


Imagine having to move once or twice in a single school year to places as far as Germany. Well this was the reality of my father throughout his entire childhood because his father was in the Vietnam war. This may seem very difficult, the notion of never having time to settle in, but it was not as bad as one might perceive. While reliving this part of his life during our interview, he reflects that it didn't stop him from having a carefree childhood, running around doing silly things with his friends. Something that is less common now because children are immersed in technology at all times. Read more to find out the how this is causing childhood to deteriorate, as well as read about my untouchable hero, and my definition of a hero.


Who is a true Hero?

What is an Untouchable Hero?

While we are surrounded by heroes whether they be in our family, or coach, there are also very admirable people we may have never met before. For me, this person is J.K. Rowling.
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